War on the Streets of Philly!

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    Numerous shootings on the City Streets, Three Philadelphia Police Officers shot in the last 24 hours at different locations. One Officer shot in the Leg another in the Shoulder and the last in the Head. Over a Thousand Officers on a massive Man Hunt for the last shooter. The earlier shooters are accounted for, One was shot dead by Police and the other found floating in the Delaware River deceased. Its a all out assault on Police in this city and something has to give. Pray for us.
  2. You bet. take care of yourself. My prayers are with you.

  3. Ridge

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    Good luck, GM! I trust the local PD is packing more powerful heat at the moment than just Glocks...
  4. Get them before they get you GM!
  5. Be careful Gman and bust their asses!

    When blantant crimes like this occur against the ones trying to protect the people, I often feel its time for the reinstatement of firing squads or the noose.

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    GM, My prayer are with you my friend and ALL your brothers. It truly is a war. Be safe out there.
  7. Be safe GM. I know the police types don't like to hear stuff like this but it is time for the good citizens of Philly to assist law enforcement in taking their streets back.
  8. Hang in there GM, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you all!
  9. +1
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    Be careful out there GlockMan. I will keep you and your "brothers" in my prayers.

    With my own brother in the State Police and many of my friends also being in law enforcement. I have zero tolerance for anyone who tries to assault a police officer and believe any attempt on a officers life should be an automatic death penalty.

    Personally I feel when thugs start taking over the city like in Philly. The local and state police agency's should adopt an Old West Wyatt Earp approach. Earp and his posse shot any member of the "cowboys" on sight. No more arrest, when you see a gang banger, they are dropped where they stand. Make it where the thugs are the ones who are afraid to come out and don't feel safe.
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    Gman, Just saw it on the news and was prayin it wasn't you or a freind of yours. But then I relieze That it infact is a freind, a brother.

    The prayers are with you and your extended family. Stay safe and god help him because I amsure you and your's won't.
  12. Stay safe , our prayers are with all of you that put your lives on the line everyday to keep us safe.
  13. Unfortunate they can't be judge, jury, and executioner. The news says there are too many guns on the street but everyone knows there are too many criminals on the street and they have rights. But what about the rights of the innocent?

    Hope you guys find him and be safe Gman our prayers are with you.
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    Keep you head down brother! Stay safe.

    Now go catch that mother fucker!
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    Damn GM, you should probably move. That's just getting out of hand. :(

    Stay safe.
  16. Gman, you have the thoughts and prayers of Holloman Air Force Base with you right now. I hope you don't mind, but I sent an e-mail out about this so people will remember you, hope that's ok. Stay safe bro!
  17. I have little to add, as many have expressed their concerns and prayers. I say only that I'm here, too, hoping and praying for your safety and for the safety of your brothers in service.
  18. Gman -we're pulling for you and your brothers and sisters. Please stay safe and God's help in taking care of business.
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    How much crap are those freakin liberal a-holes in philly willing to swallow before they make a change.the people in philly got two choices.clean that dung heap up like Rudy did N.Y.C. or do nothing like detroit so the honest people do a mass exodus and give the city to the animals.+1 on moving Glockman.If the people aint gonna fight for the city there aint a lot the cops can do.Go find somewhere you can do some good and let philly be the welfare crack heaven the voters evedently want. :x