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  1. Uraijit

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    If you're considering buying a ticket to go see Meet The Spartans, DON'T! It's the worst movie I've ever seen. And I've seen some stinkers!

    My biggest regret is not walking out after the first 10 min.
  2. My son saw it...... same conclusion

  3. Silicon Wolverine

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    im in agreement. if you like craptastic films that really dont have a point, this is for you.

  4. Joe Sixpack

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    ya the previews looked like crap, this is why i usually go to the dollar theater anymore.. there are very few movies i HAVE to see as soon as it comes out.

    least at the dollar theater im out a dollar and some munchies i snuck in.. they rape you at the concession stand.
  5. neothespian

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    Heh....when I was a kid I had a good friend who was wheelchair bound, but smart as all hell. When we'd all go to the theater, he'd duct tape a six pack of soda and candybars underneath his chair and we'd walk right past the ushers into the theater. About 5 minutes after the previews start all you could hear was the ripping of tape and the opening of soda cans :p

    Besides, what usher is going to search a kid in a wheelchair! Pure genius ....
  6. laubert75

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    what r u guys talkin about, i saw it and it was a masterpiece, it made me laugh, it made me cry, it even made me question my excistance on this earth. i actully thot jesus had his second coming and directed this.......oh wait, meet the spartans? i thot you said RED DAWN, nevermind
  7. That is why I always wait for movies to come out on PPV with Directv

    If it sucks I only spent 4 bucks tops and didnt even leave the house.

    Sounds like this one will go to DVD pretty fast LOL
  8. elguapo

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    Hah, thats a good one!
  9. Uraijit

    Uraijit Guest

    NO NO NO NO NO! Don't rent it, don't see it in the dollar theater! If someone offers to pay you $10 to watch it, DON'T! Find something better to do... Like lick some windows... It's so bad, that even if I'd been paid to see it, I still would have felt cheated.

    Go see Rambo instead!
  10. All those parody movies are always crap. Scary movie did alright with there first one. But after that, EVERYONE wanted to make parody moves, and they all suck.
  11. browwiw

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    Man, that awful Red Dawn movie is going to get so many red neck kids killed if we ever do somehow get invaded.

    Redneck kids: "Let's hide in the woods and use the tactics we saw in a crappy early 80's flick!"

    Soviet General: "Ahem. I'm not even going to waste a Spetsnaz squad on this. Fire bomb the forest."
  12. i saw it. sucked like a hoover.
  14. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Member

    Is it those same guys who did 'another scary movie' and 'date movie' those were horrible examples of film as well.

    and exactly how often can they re-use the 'meet my little friend' gag?

    The bad part is I've got some friends that i regularly hang out w/ and they absolutely love movies like that. Date Movie or the Carlos Mencia show are usually the suggestion of what to watch when we hang out. :?

    that stinks, though they dont advertise it, one of the theaters here allows you to bring anything but glass containers. We walked straight in w/ 2 bags of burger king and a 12 pack of Soda once, usually its just a drink and some sunflower seeds for me though.
  15. Joe Sixpack

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    @ browwiw

    the day we lose are guns completely is the day to start watching the skies.
    a armed populace is a great deterrent even with little or no training you dont want to be facing down even 10 million gun owners.
  16. laubert75

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  17. browwiw

    browwiw Member

    A) it was a joke. Get with it.

    B) if you attempt to attack an organized, disciplined modern military with a force of untrained knobs with civilian weapons, said knobs will end up being hosed off the military's tank treads.

    No amount of romantic sentiment or bellicose day dreaming will make anyone Rambo.
  18. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Guest

    A: i know you was joking i was simply making a statement.

    B: who is talking rambo? im talking pure numbers here.

    perhaps you should check history, look at iraq, look at what happen to the soviets in Afghanistan's after we gave them stinger missiles.

    urban warfare gentlemen.. it's a bitch and even the best trained troops suffer large casualties from sustained urban combat.

    some of the most dangerous infantry is the sniper especially in a urban setting with lots of buildings for cover.. and there are plenty of nice rifles that will fit the bill on the civilian market.

    it does'nt have to be full auto to be effective.. and if we're being invaded surely a m4 or m16 here or there wont be to hard to get a hold of.

    i sincerely doubt any military even our own could face 10 million gun owners.. but i suppose thats my opinion since no ones invaded recently.

    even if the kill ratio is 10:1 how many nations can muster a million troops? this is in addition to nation guard and such.
  19. laubert75

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    My ratio is 10 chuck norrises to 1 of me!
  20. Thayldt21

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    China. North Korea, India, Russia>>Forced join.