*WARNING*Sear spring "upgrade" from MCARBO*WARNING*

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by rehjaeger, Nov 4, 2020.

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    Thanks so much. Here’s a better picture (without the fat, ugly guy in the wheelchair using Scotty to cover up his missing leg, lol) upload_2020-11-13_8-39-38.jpeg
  2. That's one beautiful dog!
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  3. rehjaeger

    rehjaeger Me and my best buddy, Scotty the collie Member

    Thank you. He thanks you too, but I wish you wouldn’t feed his ego...lol. He has a wonderful temperament, even for a collie. Best wishes to you!
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    HiPoint's trigger is what it is due to many factors, primarily with the fact its built to be very simple and low cost to manufacture. I mean I have seen people pay more for a "match grade" trigger for their AR15 than what my 995 cost me.
    HiPoint put in a stiffer sear spring as a matter of safety as the trigger system is very simple and not exactly high tech. complex or precisely built. The factory fire control group is, however, reliable and that is what matters most. If you change the sear spring you may, or may not cause a problem. If you want maximum reliability and minimum worry then use only factory parts.
    I have stated this before: If you modify ANY machine from how it was designed and originally produced then you have to accept that its on you if it fails.
  5. rehjaeger

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    Thank you so very much. I have had collies for many years, and he is likely the most visually-appealing of all of them. But again, thank you for your kind words. I have always found collies a breed apart.

    On a "Hi-Point" subject, since deer season opened 2 weeks ago the range may well be far less packed than previously. I have several magazines, HP and Red Ball, loaded with factory FMJs to try, and a new red dot to sight in. Can't wait, heavy trigger and all. And now I have a JHP 45 to play with! Blundered into that one, brand new, one of those very few times in my life I was in the right place at the right time with money to take advantage of it.
  6. rehjaeger

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    First - I am one of those who is guilty of spending an inordinate amount for a binary trigger for my AR build. But in my defense - if you have seen my profile picture, you know that every possible advantage I can come up with is welcomed, should there be.....trouble. The Franklin trigger on an AK pistol works exceedingly well even given that cartridge's higher recoil, and my gunsmith has given his seal of approval of Franklin's workmanship and quality.

    But as to the remarks made/quoted - I do not take them as "rubbing it in" but rather, "reinforcing a very important lesson." I have always had the attitude that "it can always be made to be better than OEM" but I have found as I grow older (and things have blown up in my face) that "it ain't necessarily so." The "School of Hard Knocks", while a very effective teaching mechanism, is not quite as benign as it can be in other situations when it comes to firearms. This mistake regarding the 4595 is/was my own fault; I do not make any excuses for my stupidity other than ignorance, which should have been taken care of before I considered and executed the modifications.

    But I'll let the Group know how it works with the modifications which remain after I manage to get it to the range. No ProMag magazines. No reloads.
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    Reloads are a better choice always IF you do them yourself and actually know what your doing. I personally do not buy reloads or use other peoples reloads. Especially from a gun show. There are exceptions to using others reloads but those individuals I know. Commercial ammo take a look at it do the measurements and it will shock you as to whats considered acceptable
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    NE Utah

    One kaboom will make you a believer.
    I blew up a mag and a few bolt parts just getting close to the pressure limit on a load, still a few tenths under max, hand loaded, trickled to exactly what the book said with all the correct components. That was enough for me.

    My SIL almost destroyed a Browning BLR using his brother's FIL's reloads; a guy I know and trust....but he had a squib in a box of shells. If it had gone 1/2 inch further, the SIL would have racked a round in and set it off, but the squib was blocking the next bullet at the chamber, so....gun was saved. Lesson learned...NO ONE but me reloads bullets that go into my guns.
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    If you REALLY want to fit in here you better start dissing.
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    Even YOU Someday may make a mistake, but at least you will not blame anyone else. That's the way I see it, and I believe you are implying that too.
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    I've thought about trying to use BP substitute to hand load .38SPL, but I just couldn't justify it. BP and smokeless pistol powders are similarly priced but it takes 4 to 6 times as much BP. And it's not like the pistol powders are hard to get, it's the primers that are hard to come by.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Holy shit .. is all I can say after reading all this , 1st are you talking about failure to fire or failure to feed , and I've installed this spring on my 10mm carbine and it works fine , never ever listen to the internet hype on anything with out proof of said incident. I've never had a problem with this build and the trigger still sucks it's the hi-point design , as no tactical reset should've made hi-point redesign it a long time ago , just my 2 cents on this and any other internet hoopla about gun myths

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    Have proof. Member of this very forum had a runaway. Tried to tell mcarbo, got told to pound sand because he probably installed it wrong. They even came on here admitted they knew it was possible, then told us all to fuck off because their website says they're not liable.

    So there's your internet myth. Have a nice troll.
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    1st off I don't care who you are . when you change any part on any gun you are liable not who you bought the part from period . Did they make you buy it ...lol nope u decided to change the way the gun was made period . you are responsible for the out come of your actions . This is a hi-point to start with not a firearm that was made from the best parts in the 1st place , if they stated that buyer beware on the site maybe beware , but obviously he still bought it on his own so he's responsible for what he did no one else , if u drill a third hole on your ar because someone sold u the jig to do it , does that make it there fault or your dumbass fault for buying it and doing it , common sense 101 .. go polish any of your trigger's to much and you'll see runaways with most guns , but you can suck on these troll nuts if you want , facts
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    Bye bye
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    Here’s my problem with the whole spring-thing.
    Some yahoo installs a non-factory component and somebody gets killed.
    Yahoo will deny he replaced any parts on it and Hipoint gets sued out of existence.
    To make the trigger “feel” better.
    Thank you Yahoo.
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    Just to be nice to you troll I'll play. So if a company sells a product that they know is dangerous and even denied and liability they are safe from any responsibility. Boy that would be nice if we all could do that. I'm beginning to thing your either an employee or the owner of said company. Or just an idiot which technically is the same thing.
  18. Rachgier

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    That would qualify as 100% liability in the event an FA incident resulted in an injury or death.

    Maybe you should stop suckling the kool-aid straight from the spigot and educate yourself on how the real world works.
  19. lklawson

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    "Tactical reset?" I think I know what you're referring to but it's not really possible with the way the sear works in Hi Point firearms.
  20. ajole

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    NE Utah
    WTF? We're talking about going full auto, not feeding issues.

    So..your internet hype says it's fine, and by your own words....we should ignore your opinion?
    Got it. Makes total sense.

    Tactical reset....bwwhahhahhahhahhhahahahhahhhahaahahhahhhahhaaaa!

    Wow..so much complete BS in just one post. Completely wrong, and/or completely missing the point, not to mention misleading. Amazing.
    Your common sense is lacking, and carries ZERO weight in court, regardless.