[warning this story will ruin your day] Maine police drop the freaking ball

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  1. Article.

    Im not copying the story today its to depressing to read again.

    after this there really needs to be some kind of liability for police when they blatantly let people get killed.

    The claim they were to busy to help.

    but in what rule book does it say to call the "alleged" rapists and inform him there was a complaint against him!?

    I hope this one reaches the national news and some questions are answered
  2. ArmyScout

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    The problem is: Who is going to hold the Police Dept liable and accountable? 9 out of 10 complaints against police misconduct is ruled in favor of the Police by our dysfunctional Court system.

  3. lklawson

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    It does read a bit like there was some apathy involved. I don't know that it rises to the police deliberately allowing it to occur, however.

    No. They claim they didn't have enough manpower to send a Trooper home with Irish. Not sure that would have helped anyway because the shooting happened three days later and Irish and her boyfriend left their (mutual?) residence to go to another location, her mother's home, to check on her mother and her burned down barn.

    This one sounds odd to me too.

    There are definitely some questions.

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    As a Ex-Copper, I'm embarassed and dismaid. This is ANOTHER example of why you and only you can defend yourself. No Agency can or will defend YOU from criminal attack. This is a perfect example to the Anti Gunners in your circle of influence (I'm not talking about the professional antis, you cant fix that kind of stupid) why everyone should be armed, trained and ready to defend themselves, their loved ones and property.

    A nation of sheep, will be ruled by wolves.

    Now there's the incident in New Orleans: 2 shot dead, 7 injured at a theater shooting (23 JUL 2015). If these incident dont tell people to carry, I dont know what will. You can ban em all, the crazies and criminals will still get them.
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  5. I admit I may be over reacting.
    But, I think they are to blame.
    When someone comes in and complains of being assaulted like they were. And was threatened to not call police. You dont call the guy and let him know!
    That is why I blame the police.
  6. lklawson

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    I agree that I just don't get that part. It's got me scratching my head.

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  7. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Maye it was their version of,"Hey you asshat, we are watching you""

    Just not very well...:(
  8. Outlaw

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    Sounds like there may have been some past interaction between those two. Hard to tell til all the facts come out.
  9. MaryB

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    Question is why didn't she arm herself! She knew this creep was after her so she is partly to blame.

    The cops actions have me scratching my head too, makes me wonder what part of the story we are not hearing...
  10. lklawson

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    Maybe she's a Blue Stater?


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