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    This is an out of battery ignition I had using factory Winchester white box ammo on my 9mm carbine yesterday. A friend standing 12 feet to my right, and 2 steps behind the line, was hit in the leg by the chunk of brass that exploded out of the ejection port. Anyone have a reason for this?

    I have fired thousands of rounds from this carbine without flaw or drama, which for the record I love, but this was a bit un-nerving.

  2. talon

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    Could have happened with any brand of ammo in any gun. Millions of rounds off the assembly line, you'll get a bad one now and again.
    Contact winchester with the batch number from the box and pics.

  3. lklawson

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    Could be lots of reasons.

    Likely a bad round. Possibly the primer not set flush. Maybe a too-sensitive primer.

    I suppose it could have been something in/on the breach-block which impacted the primer prematurely. Perhaps some detritus. While not very likely, is the firing pin resetting properly?

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Sucks Eh? Got any cool pics of your blowed up carbine?

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Ouch! Maybe you can get a free box of ammo?

    Welcome to the site!
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    His 1st post & he is insinuating it could possibly be his weapon?
    Are we being warned of the WWB ammo or the 995 Carbine?
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    And Jessica Alba might make a pass at him too.

    I bought online a DEFECTIVE box of 7.63 Mauser ammo; splits in the neck which, literally, allowed the bullets to move about and, in one case, fell out into the palm of my hand. I got jerked around and told that if I shipped the ammo back to them, on my dime, I could get "store credit" for the purchase price (not including shipping).


    Peace favor your sword,
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    Sounds like a bent firing pin.
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    NE Utah
    Me too, on the bent firing pin possibility.

    It's not like it hasn't happened before, guys, why so defensive?

    HPs are great guns for the money, but they aren't perfect, and not everyone that posts about an issue is a troll.;)
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    Just seems like we've seen a LOT of first timerZ posting trouble lately...
    Like 3-4 in the last week or so! Ask Talon...
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    Couldn't it be?

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    Could be they post here because they think they can get some help and answers to their problems. I doubt they come here for smart arse comments.
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    That's what brings them back!
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    Maybe not..... But when you walk into a strangers house, and piss in his morning coffee. He's probably not going to make waffles for you...
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    NE Utah
    But...if you walk in a strangers house that has a sign on the door that says come on in, we can help with your gun, and then ask a question about that gun...

    Shouldn't we try to answer the question? :confused:

    He said the gun has successfully worked for thousands of rounds, he said he loved the gun.

    Seriously...the ONLY negative thing he said was, it was unnerving.;)
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    Bull if you walked into my house and pissed in my morning coffee I would still make you waffles but you probably are not going to like how they taste with my secret ingredient.:D
  17. talon

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    Ill get accused of starting sh!t whether i do or not, so whatever. If saying he got a bad round is being mean to a noob then someones got serious issues.
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    Try this on your carbine. Make sure your gun is unloaded, and make sure again.
    Pull the bolt back to where it's charged and the firing pin is back.
    Slowly pull the bolt back while intermittently pulling the trigger, to see the amount of space that it opens before the trigger disconnects and won't fire.
    On one of my old 995's it used to be quite a bit.
    If you have enough space where some crud or a popped primer got wedged in between the bolt and the round or the chamber, that's what your shell can look like. Especially if the ammo has light primers.
    If you have a snap cap or dummy round, you might see the impact.
    Try it out.
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    I think some do come just for that. But then get these kind of comments and just never come back again. All due to a few individuals on here.

    It is no wonder to me why this is such a small board. If this board is here just to serve a few folks, well, it certainly won't continue to grow.

    This stuff should be confined to your "Dark Room."

    A lot of folks whom buy a Hi Point do so as a family. If you want a family
    friendly board, well, a change is needed. Including cleaning up some of the language used here. There is no reason for that either.
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    Anyone that thinks anyone was defensive or abusive in this thread really needs to grow some manly parts. Getting a little sissified to say the least. Really getting ridiculous. Any more politically correct and you'll have to register as Democrats.