Warranty Repair on new carbine

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    Hi all,

    I am new to this site. I am hoping for advice from some of you on this forum that may have experience with my situation. I bought a new 995TS at a gun show in November upon taking it to the range I had various issues such as the magazine not engaging, failure to feed, jams, etc... It was quite a frustrating time at the range. The best luck I had was probably about four consecutive shots.

    I sent the carbine in for repair and all they did was redo the buff ramp and send it back to me with a spare magazine.

    On my next visit to the range, the new magazine would not engage at all. The original magazine would engage if I insert it fast and hard. The rifle shoots better than before but I can't empty one magazine without at least one FTF issue.

    I feel like I might have a lemon but not sure. I don't want to keep sending it back a forth without getting it to be as reliable as my other guns. What should I expect in regards to resolving my problem and expectations? I appreciate your input.
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    New mags have stiff springs. Work the follower up and down about a 100 times in each one with a ruler/pencil, etc. Also, leave the mags fully loaded. That will help loosen them up also. That will take care of most issues. There are other fixes that people will come by telling you about. But don't start trying to mess with things until you have done the above first. That usually clears up any issues

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    Your mags need breaking in. Apparently so does your mag catch. If you press it in when you insert a mag does it work better?
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    Don't expect the mag to drop free when pressing the mag release.
    You may need to press the mag release to get the magazine fully seated until you've got some rounds through it.
    The new mags mag be full manufacturing grit.
    Clean them.
    Use a pencil or a paint stirrer and see if the mag follower catches anywhere or hits a rough spot.
    With the bolt back use a flashlight and see if the firing pin is bent.
    If it is it will cause feeding issues as it's not ejecting right.

    With HP's the extractor pulls the empty case back till it hits the exposed firing pin and it's basically just bounced out.
    The mag lips may be a little too tight or a little to open.
    Both will give feeding issues.
    Try to adjust only one thing at a time.
    Post pictures of your issues and I'm sure we can help you out.

    It's not unusual for any gun to have some breaking in issues during the first 200-300 rounds.
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    Thanks everyone for for your input. I will exercise the springs and clean the magazines. Also, I didn't realize the mag catch would need a breaking in also. Hopefully I can start getting some rounds fired and work these bugs out. (Hoping they are bugs).
  6. SWAGA

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    Also a failure to feed could be one of four
    1. Bolt or slide rides over live round in the mag
    2. Live round gets stuck on the feed ramp nose up
    3. Live round gets stuck on the feed ramp nose down
    4. Double feed

    Failure to eject could be:
    1. Stove pipe or empty round gets caught in the ejection port
    2. Extractor misses the empty shell
    3.Empty shell is extracted but not ejected. So you have an empty shell and a live round stuck in the chamber/port area.

    Same as failure to fire could be:
    1. Firing pin broken
    2.Firing pin stuck
    3. Light primer strike
    4. Good primer strike but bad primer
    5. Hang fire or delay fire

    Next time when you have issues take pictures of the loaded mag from the side and above so we can see.
    Take pictures of the misdeed also.