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    I purchased a used .45 high point and it dont put a bullet in the chamber without getting jammed. if i do it real slow it works though. someone said it may be the magazine....

    I also did some fine sanding on the frame only until it was chrome looking. just because it looked better than all black. did i destroy the warranty by doing this?
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    Hi Point has a NO questions asked, lifetime transferable warranty. I have not heard anybody state that MoM would not repair or replace their weapon. Sometimes I think they would rather send you the parts for you to try a repair it yourself, and some guys enjoy doing this. Nothing serious though. Some of us have even damaged our guns ourself by accident & MoM will still fix it for us.


  3. davidmichael45

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    here is what i did.. does this kill the warranty on it now?

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    thats great
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    Ok first off u didnt say what kind of ammo u was using have heard some say they sometimes have trouble with hollow points bullets where all else works, I personally havent ever tried hollow point in one but have yet to find any ammo that wont work. But No u didnt ruin the warrenty on it. If nothing else give HiPoint a call and ask for a tech and see what they have to say more than likely they will have u to send it to them and they will go thru it and replace any and everything that needs replacing and send it back with a extra new mag to help offset the cost of mailing it to them so u will get a almost complete new gun. here is their contact info http://www.hi-pointfirearms.net/contact.htm
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    so i pay for shipping to them? what about sending it back? is the dime on me or them? I dont mind paying both ways.. also i took it apart and the long spring dont have the piece of the metal at the end either.... also the spring next to the firing pin dont have the smaller spring over the other spring either... I was careful taking it apart and sure it didnt fall out.. this gun has the red dot on the barrel end..... it may be the older model im not sure.

    i am using 230 grain full metal jacket by federal.. should i use a lighter grain?
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    also i am allowed to actually mail this high point? whats the best way to ship it? fedx?ups? usps? i read where they say take it apart and ship it this way? do i tell them what it is im shipping.. just say a .45 cal gun?
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    You pay the shipping to them and they cover it on the return but dont send it til u talk to them and they will tell u the steps to take in sending it. And yes u can mail it to them but will have to use ups or fedex unless u know a FFL that will send it for u for just the cost then he can send it usps. It is ur gun so after they repair it they will mail it back to ur door unless u tell them differently but someone will have to be there to sign for it. and make sure u write a note as to what the gun is doing and include that along with ur name and address on the note and put it in the box with the gun .
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    Make sure you send them ALL your magazines. They will test them & replace them with new mags. The will also send you a FREE mag to cover your cost for shipping!
    Call them @ 6:59 am EST. When you get a busy signal, hang up & keep calling until somebody answers. Usually the 1st or 2nd time. They only have like 2 people to answer the phones. VERY small family owned company. Be nice, don't get them MAD that early in the morning. Other guy's will be calling after you!!! lol

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    VERY nice work on your gun Mike!
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    That's not the new model .45 JHP
    It's an older model with the 'heel' mag release.
    You did good buying that one.
    Now describe the issue again, step by step.
    Your magazine spring might be broken and it's feeding the shell at an angle.
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    Call them up, Tell them what is wrong, They will probably have you send it back, I have had mine in for repair, I sent it in a USPS flat rate box disassembled in a large baggy with a note inside detailing the problem , pic of my license so they know where to send it back to and email / phone number and I wrote on the box machined parts.
    and if they ask you it is machined parts :D
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    That's a great way to lose your firearms and go to jail.
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    I like your cosmetic work on the pistol. Very cool looking.
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    If you were shipping only part of the gun (the slide, or the barrel, or the lower, etc.) I'd say to go ahead and just call it "machine parts", as you are not shipping an operable firearm, or enough parts that could be assembled to make one. But a complete weapon is another story.

    When you ship it, DO NOT go to a UPS Store, FedEx/Kinko's, Office Max, etc.. They will not accept a firearm. You must go to either a UPS or FedEx shipping service center. Be prepared just in case you get an ignorant, or agenda-driven knucklehead behind the counter who refuses to ship the firearm (it has happened). Go to the carrier's website and search for their firearm shipping policy. Print it up and take it with you.

    Make sure they DO NOT put any marking or label on the box that indicates it contains a firearm. The BATFE regulations prohibit them from doing so.
  16. An easier (not cheaper..) way is to bring it to a local FFL dealer, and have them ship it for you, for a fee. Luckily, I haven't had to ship mine for repair, but I've researched it a bit and it can get complicated. Sometimes, DIY is not the best option..:D
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    I would pack in a box and send it UPS ground (the UPS "policy" is you are supposed to HAVE to send it next day or second day air), but for me, I would ship ground and call it machine parts. You are not breaking any laws sending it via UPS ground but you probably have no claim if it gets lost in shipment. For the difference in the price, I am willing to take that risk if I ever need to send one in, YMMV.
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    everytime i load the magazine and pull the slide back it always jams.... if i do it real slow then it dont jam.... the bullet gets cockeyed and i have the take the magazine out then fish the bullet out... I talked to several people that said when u feel the magazine full these guns are back to jam like that.... I emailed customer service asking but all they said was send it back.... when why do they think i purchased a gub thats $125.00? i dont have alot of money and it will cost $50.00 or more to ship it back opvernight..... lesson learned for me... buy a better quality gun i guess.
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    I would first, call Hi-Point and ask to talk to a tech. tell them that you need a new recoil spring, new firing pin and springs and a new extractor and spring. They will mail them to you for free. It sounds like you already have had the gun apart, so installing the new parts should be easy peasy. :cool:
  20. I'd check around and find a LGS that'll send it back for you. I worked a deal with a guy in AZ a few years ago, cost me $85 to send a pistol via Fedex. A few days later talking to my LGS he said I should have brought it in, he'd have shipped it for me for $25.