was Going to get another AR ...

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    but can't decide if i want to get another AR15 or a AR10 , was initially going to purchase a Ruger SR762 but then i found these AR15's !!!!:eek:

    I really like these Daniel Defense AR15's and all of them have excellent reviews and priced right

    these are the rifles i'm looking at

    AR15's ...

    Daniel Defense M4A1 milspec plus


    Daniel Defense M4V9


    Daniel defense M4V11


    This is the AR10 i was going to buy !!! ...

    Ruger Sr762


    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    Any of you guys own any of those Daniel Defense AR15's I listed . I'm ready to buy of them within the next few days and want to know your experience with any of them

    Thanks !!

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    I like the Daniel Defense brand also, I've looked at them @ the LGS, but damn the prices...

    My friend just picked up (well delivered to his FFL) a Bravo Company RECCE 16, that I shot the other day, the day he picked it up. It was very nice, pretty light out of the box and not one issue with about 100 rounds down range between us. Wish I could have shot more...
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    I have thought about getting a differing caliber AR, but I just don't have a need for it.

    I will say I really like my Wyndham Weaponry though, and would not hesitate to buy another
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    I've also heard good things about Wyndam Weaponry. Aren't they some of the guys from Bushmaster?
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    "The Windham Weaponry Story...

    When the people who bought Bushmaster in 2006 decided to move it “lock, stock and barrel” out of Maine to New York in 2011, the original Bushmaster owner, Mr. Richard Dyke was left with both a dilemma and an opportunity. Almost to the day of the 2011 move, Mr. Dyke’s non-compete clause expired. He still owned the property where Bushmaster had been built, and knew all the workers - now laid off - who had helped him build it. He made a decision to “get back in the game” and promptly put an email out to many of his former employees and friends asking if there was interest in joining him for a new project.

    With a resounding “yes” of support, he gathered the financing in two days, and started bringing people back into their long-time Windham manufacturing home. Phoenix-like, Windham Weaponry was on the rise. Within three months, the first productions models of the new Windham Weaponry line had been perfected and delivered. Quality, fit, finish, durability, accuracy and value were all superb - giving credence to Windham Weaponry’s motto “The Quality Goes In, Before The Rifle Goes Out”.

    The firearms industry and consumers welcomed this new effort warmly, old friends and contacts were re-established, and sales grew. In less than a year and a half, Windham Weaponry had brought back almost 70 employees, benchmarked impressive sales numbers, and established their name as one of the pre-eminent firearms manufacturers in the country.

    The press heralded it as “truly an American success story”, and all due to the vision of its founder. Further growth for Windham Weaponry has already been planned and implemented.

    A “Carbon Fiber Division” has been established in Phoenix through a partnership with Patriot Ordnance Factory, and JC Machine and Motorsports LLC. The three companies have jointly occupied a new 12,000 square foot production facility in Phoenix which will produce rifles and firearms parts, and serve as a design and development center for new firearms products."


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    I really like that Daniel Defense M4A1 mil spec plus with the 14.5" barrel and FDE cerakote finish . Might head on down to my LGS tomorrow and look at it !!
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    Get the one you like. You've shoot enough of them to know a good one when you find it.
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    You were in the Corp, go look at them and fondle them. Your combat training and experience with the platform will tell you which one is the one that you should pick and which one is better built. ;)