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hello all . i just got this from another form. to help my washington state brothers and sisters on who will alow you to OC. and the ones that wont let you OC. if you find any more just add to the thread for others .

I'm going to start our own WA "DO NOT PATRONIZE" Database and will keep it current. You post businesses (Name of business and location, be specific, as there may be more of that business in any one city/area) that you have seen with a "No Guns" sign on the front of the building or have shown you the written policy of no weapons allowed in the store. Having a manager tell you that they have this policy will put them on a "watch", but if they do verbally tell you, ask to see the written policy; once you see it in writing, they're on the BIG list.

You can either send me a PM with the info on the business or (preferedly) post a reply here. I will be listing/editing this list on an individual location basis, unless it is stated that the policy shown to the customer was a "corporate-wide" policy, as I don't want to alienate gun-friendly stores, just because they have the same name as another anti-gun store; some places are not franchised and make their own rules.

I will also add a Pro-Gun business list so we can take our money to those businesses that have specifically said it's okay or promote our carry. This does not mean "Hey, I went here and had no issues," it means that someone that works there (preferably a manager or supervisor) actually noticed the gun and said something positive about it. I figure I should keep this list as well, since as the saying goes "if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem", so I'm going to make sure we have other places to frequent that offer the services the anti-gun businesses offer so we can take our money there.

As these lists will continuously change, the information will only be as good as is given to me, including whether the store is still anti-gun or has changed their policy. Also, the information will only be as current as the last edit (obviously), which will be found at the bottom of the original post. I am online almost Every Day, so if there are changes to be done, I will likely have them made within 24-48 hours.


Jared Galleria of Jewlery (2501 South 38th Street, #C100) - Tacoma
Pacific Place of Seattle (6th Avenue & Pine Street) - Seattle
Tacoma Mall (4502 S Steele St., Ste. 1177) - Tacoma
Costco (corporate-wide policy, due to this thread)
Southcenter Mall {Westfield-owned Mall} (633 Southcenter Mall) - Tukwila (due to this thread)
Graybar Electric - Nation-wide (See below, Also confirmed via phone by me)
Half Price Books (15600 N. E. Eighth St., Suite F-2) - Bellevue (due to this thread)
Bob Bridge Toyota (150 SW 7th St.) - Renton (due to this thread)
Flaming Joes (11618 E. Sprague Ave.) - Spokane Valley (Page 4 of this thread)
B & I Public Market Place (8012 South Tacoma Way) - Tacoma (Page 5 of this thread)
Tri-State (1104 W Pullman Rd) - Moscow, ID (due to this thread on April 28, 2008)
IKEA (601 SW 41st St.) - Renton (due to this thread and this thread)
Old Country Buffet (corporate-wide policy, Page 7 of this thread)
Capital Mall {Westfield-owned Mall} (625 Black Lake Blvd.) - Olympia (due to this thread)
Olive Garden (Corporate-wide policy, due to this thread)
Kitsap Mall (10315 Silverdale Way NW) - Silverdale (Macerich Corporate-wide policy, due to this thread)
Redmond Town Center (16495 NE 74th St) - Redmond (Macerich Corporate-wide policy, due to this thread)
Cascade Mall (201 Cascade Mall Drive) - Burlington (Macerich Corporate-wide policy, due to this thread)
Northtown Mall (4750 North Division) - Spokane (due to this thread)
Haggen (1815 Main St) - Ferndale (Page 15 of this thread)
Sharp Shooting (N. 1200 Freya) - Spokane (Pages 5 & 6 of this thread, this thread, & this thread)
Bellis Fair Mall (One Bellis Fair Parkway) - Bellingham (Page 23 of this thread)
Charter Communications (145 Easy St) - Wenatchee (Page 26 of this thread)

Watch List (Asked to not carry, but no official written policy/signage presented):

Skipper's - Mount Vernon (due to this thread)
Best Buy (457 120th Ave NE) - Bellevue (due to this thread)
Value Village (1124 River Rd) - Puyallup (due to this thread)
Hooters (16208 E. Indiana Ave) - Spokane (page 3 of this thread and this thread)
Alderwood 16 (18733 33rd Avenue West) - Lynnwood (Page 7 of this thread)
Lowe's (2002 132nd Street S.E.) - Mill Creek (due to this thread)
Lowe's (3100 196th S.W.) - Lynnwood (due to Page 2 of this thread)
Ranier Pac Bank (4949 Borgen Blvd NW Suite 101) - Gig Harbor (Page 11 of this thread on Aug 28)
Secoma Lanes (34500 Pacific Hwy S) - Federal Way (due to this thread)
Safeway (520 Cleveland Ave. SE) - Olympia (due to this thread)


Subway (6509 132nd Ave NE) - Kirkland (due to this thread)
Schucks (7201 W Clearwater Ave) - Kennewick (due to this thread)
Double Eagle (607 S Oakes St) - Tacoma (due to this thread)
Edge of the Circle Books (701 E. Pike st) - Seattle (see comment below)
Claim Jumpers (5901 S 180th St) - Tukwila (Great OCDO 8/19/07 lunch experience)
Sam's Gun Shop & Range (11714 Airport Road {aka 128 St}) - Everett (due to this thread)
JavaFlow Coffee (207 Washington St NE) - Olympia (due to this thread)
Mail Masters (8103 Steilacoom Blvd SW) - Lakewood (page 4 below, owned by an OCDO member)
Sonic Drive-In (1313 N Ruby St) - Spokane (due to this thread)
Hardware Sales (2034 James St.) - Bellingham (due to this thread)
Denny's Restaurant (301 E Wallace Kneeland Blvd Ste 105) - Shelton (Page 5 of this thread)
Walmart (310 31st Ave SE) - Puyallup (Page 5 of this thread)
Shari's (15252 Aurora Avenue, N.) - Shoreline (Personally cleared it with the General Manager)
Shari's (12207 NE 116th) - Kirkland (Personally cleared it with the Night Manager, Mike - He used to work at Shoreline and was the guy I went through to get it cleared there)
Beth's Cafe (7311 Aurora Ave N.)- Seattle (Due to this thread)
Quizno's (255 E Main St) - Pullman (Page 6 of this thread and this thread on April 27, 2008)
Sure Shot (1016 W Pullman Rd) - Moscow, ID (Page 6 of this thread on April 28, 2008)
DelBrocco's Pizza, Steak & Hoagie (3908 6th Ave) - Tacoma (Page 7 of this thread)
Sportsman's Warehouse (Corporate-wide Policy to be "in-line" with state law) - (Due to this thread, this thread and this thread)
Wally's Diner (2106 Harrison Ave) - Olympia (due to this thread)
Denny's Restaurant (1616 Black Lake Blvd SW) - Olympia (due to this thread)
24 Hour Fitness (529 Parkplace Ctr) - Kirkland (due to this thread)
Lowe's (Corporate-wide Policy to be "in-line" with state law) - (Page 11 of this thread and this policy) {NOTE: The above two Lowe's on the Watch list will stay there until I've heard that the managers have been told they were in the wrong}
Jimmy Mac's Roadhouse (34902 Pacific Hwy S) - Federal Way (Page 11 of this thread)
Tacoma Dodge (4101 S Tacoma Way) - Tacoma (due to this thread)
Granite Falls Hardware (108 S Granite Ave) - Granite Falls (due to this thread)
Cascade Arms {formerly Larry's Guns} (3959 Martin Way East) - Olympia (due to this thread and this thread)
Kesselring Gun Shop (4024 Old Highway 99 North Rd) - Burlington (bottom of Page 23 of this thread)
Dino's Greek & Italian Cuisine (17642 1st Ave S) - Burien (due to this thread)
Safeway (21401 Pacific Hwy S) - Des Moines (due to this thread)
Starbucks (21401 Pacific Hwy S) - Des Moines (due to this thread)
Savage Color (3614 2nd Ave NW) - Seattle (Printed up pamphlets, owner PM'd me)
Barnes & Noble (Corporate-wide policy) - (due to letter in this thread on April 3rd)
Home Depot (Corporate-wide policy) - (due to this policy)
Toys 'R' Us (Corporate-wide policy) - (due to this policy)

The above lists are only as current as of 9/01/09
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