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  1. rodka

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    when i fired my new wasr 10 i kept getting gas in the face because it would bleed out of every hole and crevice in the rifle. is this normal and if not is there a remedy for it.
  2. When you take the recoil spring out, does the bolt assembly slide back and forth with no problem?

    Does the gun cycle ammo with no problems?

    Where is the gas coming from exactly?

  3. As the owner of a Wasr 10, I can say with confidence, no, that is definately NOT normal. I get a bit of smoke now and then when I get it real hot from a couple of quick mags, but thats all. Might want to check the fit of the gas tube.
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    what type of ammo are you using? i would think using hot reloads would cause an excessive amout of gas to escape.
  5. 47_MasoN_47

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    I've never had any odd gas escapes from mine either.
  6. The very first time I shot mine I had a little gas come out for about the first 5-10 rounds, since then, no problems, no gas.
  7. rodka

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    its coming from the side of the receiver bleeding back from the bolt face might be the fact that it still had cosmo in it or that i was using cheap hot shot ammo from rommania. not sure but now i have over 200rds through it and its squeaky clean so i am going to see if it still happens.