WASR-10 question

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  1. This may be a stupid question, but thought I'd ask anyway. Are WASR-10 parts interchangeable with AK-47 parts? I know the WASR is the Romanian version of the AK, but I don't know if they modified them at all so that the parts are not interchangeable.
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    A WASR10, as long as it has been modified to "double stack"; as most of them are, is essentially a "Stamped receiver AK". Of course without the FA parts.

    It's like comparing apples and apples 8) 8)

  3. Awesome, that's what I was hoping to hear :D

    They seem more in my price range than an orig AK, but I wasn't gonna bother if the parts wouldn't interchange.
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    If an AK part doesnt quite fit, take a grinder or a file to it and make it fit. The gun will still work just fine. :wink: Almost all AK parts are interchangeble in-between guns of the same caliber. You will find the biggest differences in gas tube parts as there were several variations and lengths. the only truly unique AK stuff was for RPK reciver'd guns (a few yugos were this way) as it is different dimensions.