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  1. rodka

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    i recently decided to get a wasr 10 instead of a new pistol and my local shop has them for $380 brand new with accessories is this a good deal i havent seen any cheaper on the net after i include shipping and ffl so are there any good deals on the internet im missing?
  2. Certainly not a bad deal. There will always be someone somewhere telling you how either they just bought or just saw some super low price. But as long as you feel you got your moneys worth, then you did. An AK under 400, can't go wrong.

  3. rodka

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    very true i think a little more money is worth it if i save myself from the head ache of ffl and ordering.

    although i was thinking of ordering a single stack wasr and then just filing it to double stack to save a hundred or so.
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    My buddy up in Michigan just tonight called me and was buying a wasr-3 .223 and he got it for 317$ Brand spankin new.

    I told him they are good gus and I hope I was not lying to him. LOL

    from what I have seen they run 350$ - 450$ and can be seen on J&G sales.

    As far as I have seen the mag tick you are doing is the only PITA about them.

    I would say you got a good decent deal.
  5. I've seen a price of $349.95 at J&G today. Shipping and FFL will eat up the savings.

    Go get it and don't worry about the price. Just make sure that it is straight ( front sight, gas tube). If it is from Century, make sure the mag well is cleaned up and that is has a Tapco fire group.
  6. Space

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    That is about the same as you would pay from an online dealer with shipping, ffl etc..

    And you get the added bonus that you get to pick out the one you want.
  7. Are there any legal issues with modding it from single stack to double stack?
  8. Thats right about what I paid for mine. For that money however it should have a threaded barrel, and accept double stacked mags. If it dosn't it's not worth it. I wish I would have waited on mine to be honest. I would have spent the few more dollars, and bought a milled yugo. Jus my .02 :)
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    Not a bad price if you get the threaded barrel and goodies, and it's straight.
    You're usually better off if you can look it over before you buy to make sure it's all good, and if you have a choice between a few... well, that's better.
    Check for straight sights and gas tube, check for mag wobble and loose rivets. Strip it down to get a better look at everything if the shop will let you.
    Make sure to strip it and give it a good cleaning, they are usually covered pretty good in cosmoline, and can have metal shavings inside of the receiver from the mag well surgery.
    Best of luck to ya!
  10. I got my WASR 10 7.62X39 for $350.00 out the door and have loved it ever since. At $380.00, that's not a bad price at all.

    Don't make me break out the Gunny, you'd better post some pics bro!!!

    'Grats on the new toy!
  11. Fox

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    Nice Congrats on the AK. I bought a Gp WASR 10 a few months back and love it.. fun to shoot... I think I paid around $450 for it, which is a little high But i'm in Vegas and are prices on some guns are a little high.. Just make sure you clean it real good for the first time.. and Have Fun.. :D