Watch this video: United States beats 100 nations with less murders

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    Interesting for the most part. I was actually a bit surprised (pleasantly) to learn that even though murder rates in some US cities surpass some warzones, that we are still lower than a pretty impressive number of countries when it comes to murder.

    Of course gun control supporters will quickly point out that France and Australia, both areas where firearm ownership is heavily restricted, have low murder rates than the majority of countries.

    Of course they will conveniently fail to note that both countries are smaller than Texas. They will also fail to note that because of the incredibly large span of our borders, totalitarian gun control measures like those in other "civilized" countries are doomed to failure. The only reasons gun control has been moderately effective in those countries is because they are small and have less work to do when securing their borders. It probably help that the entire area is surrounded by ocean and the countries bordering them have draconian gun restrictions in place.

    To see how effective a ban would be here, we need only look to the massive failure that is the war on drugs, which has proven that people will find a way to smuggle in anything they want regardless of laws.
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    Stats have changed since this was made, but it's still pretty accurate... we're still #1 in ownership, and still way down the list on murder rate.
    Interesting vid... thanks for the share!