Ways To Tell That Times Are Hard

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  1. Have you been looking around at some of the signs that we are going through hard times ? :(
    I have seen a lot of yard sales , vehicles sitting in front yards with a for sale sign on them , more people using the change counting machine in the grocers . We have a small motor home park on my way home from work and I have noticed more well used motor homes there lately .
    How about you ? What have you noticed ?
  2. Where I work, we are getting more and more well educated people signing up for entry level positions. More people basically running their cars into the ground because they can't afford to keep them up much less get new ones.

    Yeah, harder times to be sure.

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    LOTS of guns for sale on my local online classifieds, and at real firesale prices.
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    It is all about prospective in my opinion. While things may be getting harder for some, things get better for others. I am not speaking of the uber rich, but even in a time of economic downturn is possible to see prosperity if the person is properly motivated and also has the ability to improve thier well being. I know alot of people that complain about things getting hard, but oddly enough for the most part they are the same people who really havent done anything to make themselves a more valuable commodity in the job market.

    Me, I make more money than I ever have before, I have more expendable income than I ever have before, and really dont see things getting bad for me personally. Maybe I got lucky and made all the right descisions, but I would like to think that it is due to years of hard work rather than simple luck.

    We can blame the econmy and we can blame the analyst, but in the end our financial sucess is up to us, good or bad.
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    lots of cars and trucks for sale around here too.

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    Dont hold back man, if there are good deals throw us a link out there :lol:
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    Well, in Phoenix the "Booming" housing market has tanked hard, and that's forcing a TON of foreclosures. This in turn has raised apartment prices 20 to 40%!!! My old place is up 100 bucks from what I was paying before, and they're making ME do a re-apply even after living there for 3 years on great credit! They say it's because demand is so high.

    But, as was said before: What is a downturn for some is a bonus to others. Ever since I went back to driving a cab, I've noticed that I'm making about 30% MORE per shift than I was when I was down here about 8 months ago. Alot of people can't afford the gas prices and the massive gas guzzling SUV's they bought when money was good. Also, they've INCREASED the DUI penalties in the state which is terrifying everyone when they go out. On average, I see about 10 to 15 cars a night being taken by the state and out of the 25 or so calls I get a night and the 15 or so flags, nearly 10 of them are pickups from the DUI taskforce vans and police stations where people get busted.

    But, the economy like all systems operates in cycles. The biggest trick is to prepare yourself to ride out the cycle and try to understand it's progression. That's why I'm lying low and going back to school to increase my degree in the arts while things are on the downturn. This should give me a chance to stabilize things around here and jump RIGHT into the market with fresh certifications when the eventual rebound hits.
  8. Here here, I agree 100%.

    Same here, making more than I ever had. More expendable income, more "luxuries", more investments, new house. Also, I'm by no means supper rich or even a little rich, but when I see where I came from, how much better off I and my brother and sister are... I have no doubt that times are only as hard as you make or made them.

    Now here are some facts about me. I only have one car and its over 8 years old. I checked out how much house I could afford before I bought it. I don't buy a new gun ever month. I mow my own lawn. My newest computer is over 3 years old. I first attempt to fix stuff before I buy new. I only have 1 pair of tennis shoes, 1 pair of work boots, 1 pair of dress shoes, 1 pair of dress boots. I don't keep up with the Jones's.

    Read "the self made millionaire", It will open your eyes.
  9. I live in a rural area, and have noticed that there is less road kill on the side of the highways these days :mrgreen:
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    The shop I work in (antique auto parts) tends to weather downturns pretty well. Most of our customers are older fellas that can afford to rebuild their cars without thinking much about costs (I've overnighted fuel tanks to Alaska and Hawaii, 200 dollar part and over a grand in shipping). I have seen some things in the local town though.
    There used to be 1 page of public disclosures in the local paper every day... Last week there were 6 pages, almost all foreclosure notices. There are also a lot more walk-in applications for part time positions, folks looking for a second job.
    There are also SO many empty houses around here. Housing prices in this area have always been high (the state even designates our county as being a special area for rent assistance, you can make a fair bit more money and still qualify), so there was a lot of construction going on.
    One of the guys at work lives in an area that was being developed... The folks that were financing the development just up and split, leaving the constructions guys SOL. The construction firms are putting 'wanted' posters all around the area telling people to call them or the cops if they see them around.
  11. I'm in the Pharmaceutical Industy. I have more work than I want. Things are better for me now than they have ever been.
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    My wife and I went from a great income to just my income after both our companies shut down here in Oregon. I worked for Dell Computers, and she worked for a pay day loan company.

    Things got rough, but after crying about it for a little bit we started up a new business venture that looks very promising, and cut back a few luxuries. Things are tight but getting better, and that is because we decided to make things better.
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    A downturn in market doesn't force foreclosure... Failing to pay your mortgage does. If someone made the mistake of purchasing a home at bloated prices, they still have responsibility to pay the mortgage. The fact that their home will not sell for the same amount they paid for it is just a consequence of purchasing in a bloated market and paying more than the actual value of the home. Poor choices net poor results. End of story. Current market's got nothing to do with it. If they can't afford the house now, they couldn't afford it when the "bought" it.

    Hell yes! I love to hear this. This is the one thing that I 100% agree with when it comes to traffic enforcement. I think it should be like some states have done with street racing. Get caught, lose your vehicle and get a few thousand dollars in fines... Good to hear people are terrified of driving drunk!

    Well put.

    Remember, it all comes back to the #1 rule of finances (which our government is totally ignorant of)-- SPEND LESS THAN YOU EARN! ;)
  14. Right now I'm getting killed at work by the weakening dollar! I've worked OT for close to 8 month straight. I'm making crap for huge farm machines 70% of which go to companies in Canada. The weak dollar has them ordering faster than I can build and my company gets cranky if I don't want to work 50-70 hours a week.
    I'm just worried that if our US sales drop I could be in trouble as there is only 1 guy lower in senority in assembly than me.
  15. I forgot to mention that my department is looking to hire one draftsman and one engineer. We have been looking for months and even brought people down from up north to interview. Also, we are not trying to get them on the cheap, I think we are starting 20 bucks per hour on the drafts guy and god knows how much for the engineer.
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    A bit of flow-of-consciousness and "own horn" tooting...

    I agree about the bloated housing market. In Baltimore 10 years ago you could buy a shell house for $5k, now they are hitting $100k, for a brick shell with rotted interior. Even with the market doing its self correction, sellers aren't reducing their prices enough to stabilize, so houses are staying on the market longer which sometimes leads to increase in foreclosures as they were over-extended to begin with. With B-mores close proximity to DC our housing market has always been stable, but it's been crazy the past 5 years.

    I have a MBA, and I know it doesn't take an MBA to see that the market is sloping down. It's the same thing that happened after the WEB 1.0 bust. Investors jump on the bandwagon to make a quick buck in a specific industry, and market saturation occurs. DIVERSIFY, simply put. Some people put too much into the housing market, either in their own home, or investing in housing-related companies. People make money when there is movement in the market, a plateaued stagnant market makes no money for anyone. (buy low, sell high)

    Business 101, don't spend more than you make, and don't grow larger than you can structurally support.

    The good news is that personally I'm doing great, 3 busy coffee shops, 1 more on the way and a new pizza joint in the works. Bought a couple investment properties at a foreclosure auction, renting them out and covering 150% of my mortgages on both. I bought what I could afford as far as our house is concerned, stuck with a fixed rate mortgage (I don't know why anyone would get an ARM, really). Driving my old Jeep and my old Datsun Z cars, new cars suck, a waste of money IMO. Don't care about the Joneses, they're the ones filing for bankruptcy...

    (wow, that was more long-winded than I thought it would be)
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    $20 an hour for an experienced draftsman is not a very high wage. For $20 an hour they are trying to get a Draftsman on a Machinists wage.
  18. I was just let go at my job today in an air conditioning company here in Phoenix. I was a parts driver so I'll hopefully find another job quick. The lack of new house startups has hurt this company bad. When I started last September we had just over 50 techs. After the massive lay offs today they are down to 10 with a couple of managers going back into the field. Nothing like finding out how hard the housing market tanked when finding your job is gone too.
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    WOW! Im making 12 bucks/hr as an electronics tech and thats a top paying job around here.

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    Bushman, what type of work do you do that involves the machining, CAD and Engineering related work? Just curious because Im involved in that type of work too. I have a 4 year engineering degree, but grew up on the shop floor learning the machines. What sector does the company you work for serve? Just curious....Its fun stuff!