We Don't Need NO Steenking 2nd Ammendment

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    Knowin Chef Dennis as well as i do, and knowing how he feels about the 2nd ammendment, I am pretty sure that he posted this here before (i'll ask him later), but for those that haven't seen it, and since I referred to it in another post, I thought i'd post it here. It is a LONG article, but VERY well worth the time it takes to read it.

    The link to the original article is also there, you might want to save it. It makes good info when talking to anti's!!

    We Don't Need NO Steenking 2nd Ammendment

    John Silveira

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    Actually one of the arguments against the bill of rights was that if we enumerated certain rights future generations would construe that to say that the enumerated rights were our only rights. Thus amendments 9 and 10.