We got a damn good thing going.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by PrimalSeal, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. I was just sitting here tonight, and I guess it might be my "reflective" mood talking, or maybe not....

    What do you guys think? How good do we really have it?

    Honestly? Ask yourself the question. "How good do I have it?"

    You might be suprised... I know I have it good. I have to work tomorrow, but then I have Monday off. We all hate Mondays, I know that. That just gives me the pleasure of sleeping late, getting up and making coffee at say... 10:00 AM and sitting my fat arse on the computer and reading the forum until the wife gets home. I just bought 2 kick arse guns for $100.00 that I am going to shoot on Sunday. I've also got the best damn group of forumers PERIOD, only a click of a mouse away.... How does it get any better than this?

    I don't think it does.... What about you guys?
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    Who sings that song:Im a lucky man/Gods given me a pretty fair hand/got a house and a piece of land/a few dollars in a coffee can.Anyway I got it better than I deserve.My wife loves me.My two girlie mutts love their dad,My mom will be around for a while yet.Lord knows Im a lucky man!

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    I myself have it better than good, and including the same reasons and more, primal.

    I am not complaining about nothing', even the roadtrip I just went on. I am just glad a company finally recognized who/what I am, and sent me on the road with a vehicle/equipment worth about ....six figures. When I sit down and think about that fact, and all, I am in awe.

    This is the best firearms forum around. Granted, it may be because we are small, but thats how everything goes. Yes, I am upset about the info that is lost, but we have the core of our old forum, so that will be brought up to speed in no time. Everyone repost all those old links, vids, etc....
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    Ive got to agree.

    My buddy Sin and I were talking about how nice we have it after work. work 5 days a week have the weekends off. My girlfriend started her job last week works 6 days a week for about half of what im payed. I couldnt do that Ive had it too good. Ill be at the range tomorow with my buddy/boss and his wife while my girlfriend is at work (sux to be her).

    Ive been on various automotive forums since 2003 and this is by far one of the best forums ive been a member of. Seems like everyone here is mature and is here to help others and not here to start drama.

    Only thing I have to complain about is living alone, gets boring (girl realy needs to get a job close to my house so she can hang out here more).
  5. Forum aside, firearms aside, lots of other things aside.

    If you live in this country, you have it 98% better than the rest of the world's inhabitants. The rest is up to you.

    'Nuff said.
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    I agree. :)
  7. Hey now, i've been here longer then you, in fact I think I got you to check out the forum there buddy. What new guns did you get? I don't have enough time to read every post.
  8. Every morning you wake up is a great start to a day. Every thing else is a bonus.

    I lost a sister in law a week ago, and its just great to be alive. Having someone close die kind of makes you look at things in a different perspective. :shock:
  9. Good kid, good dog, a few very close and good friends and the greatest woman in the world.

    Things that money can't buy and I have it all.

    Perhaps I'm not wealthy but I am rich.
  10. Montgomery/Gentry,billybybose,great song by the way! :)
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    most def got a good thing going
  12. I'm to an age that every morning that I wake up I thank God !!
    All my ackes and pains is my body telling me that I'm still alive. I have a good wife , adult children , Grandchildren that I can give Mt Dew and Hershy bars and send them home with a sugar high . :lol:
  13. I live on a small island with a boat right outside my door. I kick myself in the butt everyday just to make sure I'm awake. It is scary though because I know all good things come to an end. I rent my place so who knows what could end up happening with that and there is always the possibility that my work could go under. But until either one of those things happen; WOO HOO!!!
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    Thanks pro00.great song :D
  15. Dang Spot you younun, I probably got ya beat.
    10 grandkids, 1 great grandkid and one great on the way.
  16. Yeah, PS, life is good here at HPFF
  17. Hey there, I don't recall you telling us this or I missed it. I'm very sorry for your loss; please know our prayers are with you.

    Count me in knowing I have it good and thankful I do. Gotta a great job, work at home most days a week, 4 healthy kids, a great wife and a little cash to splash. And I'll wake up tomorrow God willing, drink some coffee and be thankful one more day. It's not right for me to complain about much - I do from time to time - it's just not right!
  18. Thanks Newskate, I hadnt mentioned it, I was still working through it in my mind and comming to terms with it.