We had an Assault Rifle before the Germans

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  2. And that rifle and cartridge led to this one, the Ribeyrolle 1918 in 8mm.

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  3. A pic of the M1907 as how it was used/configured by the French:

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    What about the Pedersan Device that was manufactured but,

    not issued?

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    Well...yes, it wasn't issued, and there you go.:p

    By some definitions, the Mauser C96 "could" be considered an assault rifle, as it used detachable mags, had a detachable shoulder stock, and was FA capable in some models.

    But the 7.63 wasn't a "rifle" cartridge, really.:eek:
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    Except the 'detachable box magazine' wasn't available until After the First WW.

    They used 5 and 10 round 'stripper clips' to load the internal box magazine on the C96 until 1930.

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    What about the Russians federov? First foregrip too possibly? ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1447463917.484052.jpg
  8. Because it was a more pistol cartridge, not an intermediate, and semi-auto only. The cartridge was latter made the standard one for the French military for pistols and sub guns.