We have a winner! (Sorry Gman)

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    Well, we had a nice Redneck Anniversary Celebration yesterday (the 18th). The wife and I decided that since we've got our concealed weapon permits on the way, that we would go rent some different guns and try to find what we liked best. I kept telling my wife that I was going to take her to Hooters for dinner to complete the Redneck Anniversary experience.

    I was all but sold on the Glock, but wanted to shoot it side-by-side with an XD. I've wanted a .40 for a while, so we went with the XD 40 to start.

    They didn't have a subcompact, so I went with the 4" model. Grabbed 50 rounds of their ammo to the tune of $15, and took it onto the range. We took turns shooting, and got off 2 mags each. I really liked the way it felt, and shot. The sites were about 2" low, and 2" left, but after adjusting my aim, I consistently put them in the 10 ring, and nailed a couple of bulls eyes at 7 yards.

    After we'd each shot off 2 mags each, we went back in and grabbed the Glock 22 (again, they didn't have the G23, so we went with the service model). Grabbed another box of their platinum plated $0.30 rounds, and headed back out. I really liked the way the Glock felt, and really wanted to like it. I was loving the thing until the first shot...

    It was kinda subtle at first, but I thought, "that doesn't feel quite right". So I fired off a few more shots... Bang! Bang! The inside edge of my trigger finger started to sting. I thought maybe I was holding it wrong, and adjusted my grip higher (I've heard the Glocks like to be gripped high). So I gripped as high as I could. Bang! Still happening. Adjusted my grip several more times through the course of the 11 remaining rounds, then passed it over to the wife.

    She takes it, fires it a couple of times, and gives me a funny look. Adjusts her grip, fires off the remainder of the mag, and says "I don't like that one". I ask why not, and she says "it keeps pinching my finger".

    I load up another mag, and fire off another 11 rounds (half of our remaining 22 rounds). The sites were off on the Glock as well, by about 3" to the left at 7 yds. But after adjusting my POA to the right, I was able to consistently put them in the 10 ring same as the XD.

    I really really wanted to like the Glock, but I think my skinny fingers just aren't what the Glock trigger was designed for. The recoil seems to push the edge of my trigger finger between the trigger and the housing, resulting in an uncomfortable shooting gun.

    I have heard that Glocks "take a little getting used to", but I really don't want to "get used to" my carry gun. I still plan on getting a Glock or two, and hopefully sooner than later. But for now, the XD wins!

    I had the wife thinking about the Kel Tec P11, but after some consideration, she decided that she liked the XD-40 as well. She's going to go with a Smart Carry/Thunderwear type holster, so the little bit of extra bulk and weight won't really matter much. She'll get more shots, and more power, and she really liked the XD. It should be a good solid reliable gun right out of the box. I don't have that same faith in the Kel-Tec, though I'm sure it could be made reliable with a little TLC.

    So we'll be placing an order for 2 XD-40 Sub-Compacts in the morning. I found a seller on Gunbroker.com who's letting them go for $415! Hopefully they'll arrive about the same time as our CW permits. ;)
  2. Great test and report! Sounds like you both had a lot of fun and learned in the process. $415 for XD-40SC?????? Wow - snag those.

    Get some pics with the new toys!

  3. Nice write up, thanks for sharing. I fall in the same boat as you. The Glock 17 was the first polymer pistol I ever shot, or seen for that matter years ago when I was a kid and my dad got one. But after shooting the XD, I found it far more comfortable feeling more like my true love, the 1911, in it's grip angle. Also like you I still plan on getting a glock, maybe two, down the road, but not untill the XD void has been filled.
  4. Very good report with descriptions that are easy to follow. Thanks, and good luck! Maybe post some pics when you get the new toys.
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    I'm right there with you about the Glock trigger.
    I ended up selling my Glock 19 to my brother pretty soon after I bought it. I really hated that trigger pinch feeling. Especially after 100 rounds at the range.
  6. I have never had any problems with my Glock trigger. Nothing like what you describe. And I have put hundreds of rounds through it.

    I have never fired an XD, though I'm interested in doing so.
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    i have both and shoot both. i still prefer the glock trigger with a 3.5# connector. the xd has a really long reset, too much pretravel and some overtravel. the glock has a shorter reset and is cheap to mod. xd on the other hands only have aftermarket parts available. if you break a small part, springfield wants you to send the entire pistol back. you can't just order a small part from them. glock on the other hand has tons of glock armorers at every gun show with cheap parts. $12 trigger, $3 mag release vs. the $100 aftermarket xd trigger.

    you also get more rounds out of a glock mag. glock 22 (15 rounds)/xd service (12).
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    Just curious if it could have been the trigger safety? Mine dug into my finger a little while shooting so I sanded it down until it was comfortable.
  9. Great review!!! Hope the XD's work out great for ya
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    Great report. Thanks!
    This is the second time I have heard of this Glock finger pain.
    One of my shooting buddies was shooting my G22 and said the exact same thing. I never felt it, still don't.
    Maybe it does have something to do with hand size. I am a big boy and have large paws, my bud is much smaller, with smaller hands.
    Any big guys out there that have felt this pinch?
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    Don't git yer panties in a bunch guys. I'm not knocking Glock, I still want Glocks, but they're just not the gun for me right now. I'm sure the trigger thing is something I can get used to, or maybe tweak out. But for a carry gun, I want something that feels right, out of the box.

    I was going to go with the Sub-Compact, but then last night, somebody threw a wrench in my monkey -- IDPA!

    I've been wanting to do practical competion for a while, and last night, I got invited to go do it with the local club. I decided that it would be a good idea to consider the 4" standard model, as it would be more suited to dual use.

    I went back to a gun shop today, and held them side-by side, and realized that the extended mag on the sub-compact actually makes the grip LONGER than the standard frame. The Sub Compact mags are a little too short to be comfortable to shoot, and the barrel difference is only 1". Not significant enough to justify it. So for the better all-around solution for now. Maybe that Glock 23 is still in my future, and like I said, hopefully sooner than later, but I think I'll wait until I can get an LEO discount, and a tax write-off out of the deal. :)
  12. I used the same approach when I bought my XD40SC. I rented a bunch of guns before I picked the XD. You will love that gun.
  13. Uraijit,

    I think it is glockitis. I shot my buddies Glock 17 with the same result. 3 to 4 inches to the left at 7 yards. He was doing the same thing. The funny part is I'm left handed and he's a righty. Anyway, I didn't like it. At 25 yards and 9 to 12 inches to the left, you could be talking a clean miss on an 8 inch target and I mean consistant misses. Sorry Glockman, but I'll have to pass. Don't like the way the trigger feels or the angle of the grips. I'll stick to my straight up and downs. Beretta, Hi-Point, 1911's.