We made the news again! Lockdown in Duchesne Utah

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by ajole, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. ajole

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    NE Utah
    So, we had a lockdown today; cops were going through the building, lots of instagrams and facebook info flowing all over, my daughter knew about the what's and why's before I did thanks to social media. Of course, we teachers were the last to hear what really happened.:rolleyes:

    Some kids told some friends to leave school, something was going to happen. Those friends told the admin, and protocol was followed. School got locked down, kids hide in the rooms, with locked doors, and we wait. Cops came through, grabbed up the kids, checked things all over, called it done. Apparently some low level threats and some knives being carried, kids will probably see some juvie detention, but no hits, no runs, no injuries.

    Life continues.
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  2. Glad it wasn't anything worse than that.
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  3. moona11

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    Kids now a days.
  4. moona11

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    I don't think they are worse than we were. Not even close. They just don't know how to deal with life in general. Hell we didn't either but we had a better foundation to fall back on
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  5. histed

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    I remember building muzzleloaders in shop class, then test firing them out back. Most guys had rifles or shotguns hanging in the back window of their truck.
  6. moona11

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    We learned how to make gun powder in chem class. Most trucks had guns hanging in the back window. Doors not locked. You just didn't bring the gun out for a fight. We would skip study hall to pop gophers.
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  7. lklawson

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    We didn't know how to deal with life to start with. No one does. What we had was people who already had learned how to deal with life who could/would teach us. That seems to be a commodity which is shrinking. The generation before them, parents, older siblings, teachers, etc., seem to not have learned either and so cannot pass on skills to the youth.

    The U.S. has a growing population of people who have never been trained to think. They have been told for 40 years or so that it's OK to just "feel" your way through life. The problem is, the rest of the universe doesn't care how you "feel." Yes, feelings are important. Humans are emotional animals. But logical thinking and cost/benefit skills are critical. However, without those thinking skills we have what some now call "Generation Butthurt."

    Peace favor your sword,
  8. eldarbeast

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    This is absolutely true.

    I DM d&d games during the week - my only vice.
    I got run out of a game store because one of my two games was 'hurtful' for one of the Players - not the gay PC, not the black PC, not the three females but, the pansexual white guy because I interjected a rape and lynching of an NPC by another NPC and justice was carried out by an NPC crowd of townsfolk.
    I was trying to test the morals of the Players and most of them stepped right in and did well.
    The pansexual objected to the store owner and I was invited to leave. After running my games for two different groups for more than a year.
    Eleven players followed me to another store.

    Butthurt generation.

  9. rmuniz9336

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    If I'd tried a stunt like that when I was in school, cops would have been the least of my worries. All those cowboys and cowgirls I went to school with would have made short work of me to begin with. Then Coach Val would kick my butt, and my dad would have kicked whatever was left. Then they'd have sent me to Juvie hall!
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  10. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I never went to a last day of the year in high school, '77-'81. The stoners would always call in a bomb threat, they'd send us all home, and summer would begin.

    The big difference is, back then, it was apparently enough to make the threat and laugh when what you knew would happen, happened...now folks seem to feel the need to hurt people for no good reason.

    No info yet, but this may have simply been kids talking crap, with no real intent. They found no guns, and only 1 small pocket knife, AFAIK.
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  11. ajole

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    NE Utah
    More goodness...some moms made chocolate chip cookies for the staff, with a card thanking us for keeping their kids safe. Far better than the bonus turkey we get in our December pay.
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  12. cicpup

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    Just curious about one thing. Is it pronounced "douche knee"?
  13. histed

    histed Supporting Member

    Sounds like a nice place. No cookies here. No turkey either. We do, however, sometimes get a parental kick in the stones.
  14. ajole

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    NE Utah
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    I'm trying to work Skinwalker Ranch into this somehow, but I've got nothing. :bounce:
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    At my high school, pocket knifes where mandatory, guns where optional. It was common to see students,teachers, staff, even the school security officer in the parking lot looking at the new gun someone just got. Shotguns, hunting rifles, bows and fishing rods where as common as pencils. The only thing that might draw attention is when someone forgot to take off a sidearm before walking through the parking lot after a morning hunt, and that person got what would be termed today as “bullied” about the oversight.