Weapons ban on Linfield College campus (McMinnville Oregon)

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    Came across this while surfing on another forum. It's an interview on a local radio station in Portland Oregon. When you click on the link, look for the interview dated Wednesday, Apr 23, 2008...."Linfield College Director of Campus Safety Mike Dressel talks with Lars about the weapons ban"

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    You Know I used to live in Newberg, Still have freinds and family there, also Laffeyet(SP) and a few in MCminnville.

    Infact I personaly know someone who attends OR attended Linfield college.

    Nice to know the police will at least be there to clean up the Bodies.

    This Lars is tearing his arse up. Making this Mike look like a duech.

    Go lars.

  3. rds801

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    As we all know, BG's don't follow the rules. So a weapons ban will not stop a BG from carrying a weapon(gun) and shooting up the place. Now there will be no one to stop it. It will take the cops a little bit of time to get there. And like you said...Clean up the bodies.
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    Makes it really easy for the criminals when they advertise where to conduct the next massacre. :roll:
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    Haha... thats what I love about anti-gun people. You can lay out all the facts, and even get them to admit that they are all true, but then they still make decisions that go completely against those facts, just because they "feel" that it is better.
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    I feel sorry to those people at the college. Their Safety Director just put them on the bullseye of some nutcase with a mental problem and a firearm.

    "5 minute average response time for the local cops." That's a lot of body bags that can get filled before they even arrive on the scene with no guarantee that the perp will be waiting around for them.

    Another case of: Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.
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    I have to be there tomorrow on business. :?
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    How a out banning mentally deficient people?
    Or, people that have a grudge?
    Nay, People that publicly advertise wanting to do you harm?

    Yeah, all that sounds too much like right. And before any of you glom on that I am a right-winger, I am not.

    Mentally deficent people: You on meds, take them, and be on your merry (hopefully!)

    People who have a grudge: Think twice, and then one more time. Does spending time in prison REALLY fit in your lifelong goals? (I will stop it there, on that)

    And, People who advertise the fact, that they want to do you harm. First thing up that will be shown, is that I am either a paranoid, or a racist. Pick either one, then allow me to retort. Should anyone come up to me, and tell me " I am going to (insert whatever vernacular here)", I would take notice of that individual. Now, should a certain group, "I I will (Again, insert a "not a good thing for me" here)", seeing as how its a group, not just one person, I REALLY take note.

    But, since I take note: I am either a paranoid or a racist.