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Whats it like at your place??
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Cold, just plain cold.
Feb was much colder overall that the last several Febs. I'm calling BS on the global warming stuff.
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55 today and 5 to 12 inches of snow tomorrow welcome to Wyoming
Same here by the Black Hills of SD, only our snow is predicted to be 10-20 inches, and 60mph winds.
Also lots of wind, some snow. Maybe more snow coming.

Or not. You know how those weatherguessers work.
Possible snow this weekend
Same here, and a freeze warning Saturday night.
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It's been nice early April weather around here the past few days.
fracking cold here. And windy.
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22 degrees, at least 8" of snow on ground, still falling, falling, falling......

But it's a light, fluffy snow, not the wet clingy type that brings down power lines and tree limbs.
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