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Whats it like at your place??
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Dripping the outside faucets, will drip the kitchen sink next to the window when I go to bed. The front faucet has built up quite an icicle. Will be freezing again in an hour or two.
If the outside faucets are freeze less hydrants dripping them may harm them.
My MIL is the only one I know w/ a freeze-less faucet. So in the big freeze 2 years ago, her sewer line froze instead & backed up in the back half of the house.
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What is this "snow" y'all keep speaking of?
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My buddy in east Texas just lost power this morning from the ice storm. Street is still mostly frozen over, but the 20 somethings are braving it. The rest of north Texas is still hunkered down, we're supposed to still be getting sleet tomorrow morning til it finally gets above freezing.
Took the boy w/ me to go check on the neighbors, we made it two steps before he slipped and dropped his butt right on the edge of the brick step. Two ibuprofen and some heat, he's resting on the couch. Walked to the end of the block and around, everyone's doing ok.
We're over 40 degrees in north Texas. Our street is clear but a buddy still has ice on his.
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