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Whats it like at your place??
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Mid-70s here today, been warmish all week. Last time I saw weather like this around here it was followed by 14" snow in March, around 1980-81-82 (last century). Fortunately(?) I was in Gitmo at the time, only thing cold there was the beer in the machine at the laundromat. Coldest beer I've ever had.
We're seeing nothing but rain, rain, and more rain down her in southeast Va. I want to go to the range Wednesday but I'm guessing it's a swamp right now and more rain this week.
47 degrees with thunder!!! What is going on and why am I up???
It's 75 right now in VA, yesterday was warm too. Last time I saw this it was followed by 14" of snow in March. I was down in Gitmo on one of the Navy's LHAs and called home, Wife At The Time (WATT :p) told me about the snow. Was in the early 80s.
1 - 4 of 883 Posts