Weekend Ordeal

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    My girlfriend and I are watching a movie at 12:30am. about 1o-clock the window lights up w/ headlights and I hear my truck start up.
    "Does that sound like my TRUCK?"
    "uhhh YEA!"
    "Hand me the gun! find the flashlight and call 911"

    I open the front door and i step off the porch and round a large pine i see my tail light lit up. "MOTHER-TRUCKER!!!" I see a shoulder covered by a dark green jacket peeking from the driver side, meaning that who ever was stealing my truck was still messing w/ the wiring. The shoulder and frame appear to belong to a small teenage male, i was really dreading the possibility of firing on a kid out for a joy ride.

    just like every time before the truck was broken into, Im thinking to myself "this is un-real". Ive witnessed someone trying to gain access to my truck and felt completely helpless, this time was different. I was armed, confident and un-afraid. I had the advantage of surprise and cover behind my sisters truck if needed.

    I run to the driveway w/ my 9mil pointed straight to where this guys chest will be when he pops up.
    I've got a steady aim on this persons, the alignment just feels right. All those practice sessions at the range paid off because the pistol naturally points at the threat and i am certain i will hit my mark.

    Im waiting for them to pop up and realize ive got them covered. One wrong move and they get 2 rounds full of holiday cheer. behind me I hear my GF slam the front door and run out w/ the cell phone and light.

    The truck door is slightly closed but not latched so i yell "GET OUT OF MY TRUCK YOU MOTHER-TRUCKER!"
    A head pops up and i see two palms pressed against the window.

    It takes forever for the beam from the flashlight to sweep from the concrete up the truck door and find its mark on the face. (everything was in slow motion)

    "Oh.....my......god" my girlfriend says, as soon as the face is lit up


    my weapon drops to my side and i feel a huge wave of relief.

    In the driver seat is my sister; slouched posture, bloodshot eyes, and a drink spilled on her shirt. her hands are lazily held up and shes chucking while slurring "oops, you caught me Brotha-boy, dont shoot! "

    I had seen her drinking quite a bit earlier on. apparently she couldnt find her keys and decided to 'borrow' my truck at 1am. I think she passed out as soon as she got the truck started and thats why all i saw was a shoulder.

    I open the door and grab her by the neck of her shirt, yanking her out of the truck. as soon as her feet hit the ground she collapses. She couldnt even walk but was going to drive my truck.

    A few minutes later I was physically ill from the ordeal and could only speak in short word combos. "have to go" "can stop" "gonna throw-up" I had to go for a run @ 1am cause i had a massive adrenaline dump that suddenly had no reason to be in my system, i was shaking like crazy, and vomited twice, but i sprinted an entire mile in flip flops :)

    im so thankfull that ive logged a ton of hours at the range and ive taken the class and ive read/thought about dealing w/ threats. I stayed calm, kept my finger off the trigger until i identified the target, i also realized that the neighbors van was about 20' away w/ no other targets behind it.
    I could totally imagine a 'cowboy' running out and opening fire on the shoulder w/ out waiting to identify the target.

    Though I live in an small upscale area recently there's been a wave of burglaries and auto theft, 39 incidents within a few months. My neighbors have been hit twice and alot of people i know in the area have as well.

    My sis is in alot of trouble w/ me at the moment and she's promised to give up drinking for a good while.

    Im glad i stopped her because driving in her condition would have been extremely dangerous. However, Im having a harder time getting over the fact that I pointed a live weapon at my sister and i was inches away from doing some serious damage. I dont know how i would have lived w/ myself if things had turned out for the worst.

    Im not in the mood for monday morning quarterbacking, Im extremely distraught over what happened. That is how i would react to someone stealing my truck each and every time and its perfectly legal in texas to use lethal force. Hopefully the lesson to be learned here is that threats can be friendlys and a positive ID is a must.
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    Holy crap dudester!!!!!

    What a trip, crazy night it sounds like man.

    No armchair q-backing from me, I'd have reacted similarly, I'm sure.

    No one got hurt, you did a fine job man.

  3. Yikes - good example of all the right circumstances leading to a bad outcome. I'm sure you've shared some expectations and feedback for your sister - holy crap!

    No quarterbacking here - you'll do enough of that yourself over the next few days I'm sure. Well done - on all the practice, and keeping your head about you. As Urotu said, you done good.
  4. Damn dude, cant even imagine.

    Like Urotu said, no one got hurt so thats the good part. As far as your sister, take your keys away form her! I know you want o be a good brother, but damn.

    Relax, think about what you did, and what you could have done better, maybe even write it down to keep everything straigt for review at a later time. At least you know what to expect from a high enxiety incident. Helps you prepare for the next time.

    Stay cool.
  5. oh snap. Can't believe it happened. At least you got some practice in for the real thing...
  6. Glad things turned out best for all parties concerned. Might want to get the sis involved in a 12 step program very soon before she ends up with serious legal/medical problems as a result of too much alcohol.

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    Im the only one w/ a copy of my keys, she took them from my restroom counter. I never guessed that my sis would 'steal' my truck, which is exactly what happened. From now on my keys are either in my pocket or hidden away in my room. no longer will i toss them on the counter.

  8. Does your sister live at the same residence as you? You did better than I probably would have. Very bad things could have come from this in more ways than one.
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    Now that sounds like a fun safe!

    On a serious note I think you handled the situation just fine. You clearly thought about what you were going to do, and you identified the intruder before you did anything drastic. It is scary that it turned out like it did but nobody was hurt and that is what is important.
  10. Wow, thankfully you've trained. But be sure you keep training and come to terms that you did everything correctly in your head, you dont wanna be shy next time if there really is a threat. Besides, I'm assuming you had you wern't squeezing the trigger just above it's breaking point and being in the right frame of mind you were not even close to shooting as you feel like you were. A job well done, I only hope I could react in the same manner if ever in the same situation. Besides, now you have something to hold over her head.
  11. You did the right thing. Proper identification of your target is important just for incidents like this one... so you don't shoot those you love. Take care, my friend.
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    I am sorry that it was family involved, but glad because of your training prevented it from becoming a tragity.

    I have taken my CCW and this summer me and my wife will be heading to FrontSight for further training. I never want to shoot an unidentified target.
    I have a similar situation but it was the neighbors car and it turned out to be a false a alarm (new remote starter)

    Good luck with the Sister and Family

    Stay safe and be safe

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    Too bad she was too blitzed to get a proper scare out of the whole event.

    Good to hear everything ended up ok.
  14. It's sad when someone is willing to put their life or the life of others in danger while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. My family is the reason I don't drink anymore. Please don't get down on yourself. Because of your actions (and good training) no one was seriously hurt. She is lucky to have you as a brother.

    Good luck.
  15. Z, if you need someone to talk to just to do an emotional dump, PM me and I'll get you my phone number. Keep your chin up brother, you did a text book drill right there. For ALL concerned, I am very happy and pleased that you kept your head about you and kept your finger off that trigger.

    In my CCW class, 2 of the "rules" of shooting was slightly modified...

    "Never let your muzzle cover anything that you aren't willing to destroy"

    "Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target."

    I am thankful that you followed the second rule first this time. You had now way of knowing that it was your sister in your truck in that moment. YOU DID IT RIGHT!!!

    Now, don't effin' crucify yourself for doing your job and doing it well.
  16. You did everthing right. Dont beat yourself up over it. I have reacted exactly the same.
  17. You should be proud of yourself, you did nothing wrong so you avoided a disaster. Hopefully, your anger will not abate until you've ground into your sister's head what she did to you as well as what she almost did to herself. As for your sister's abuse problem, that's not going to be easy. Be patient with yourself as well as with her; always remember that it's her life and you can't control her behavior for her, she has to do it for herself. You have proven yourself a caring and careful brother, take care and good luck.
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    I want to thank everyone for their support, it really makes a difference hearing it from people I respect a hell of a lot more than most people I know personally.

    I doubt ill be around much for a little while, I feel really out of touch right now, I couldnt concentrate at work today because i kept thinking about it and i havent slept much since as i keep having nightmares where it did go wrong.

    Besides that, Ive got to help my sis, i didnt realize she was in as bad a spot as she is. I dont want to disclose any details, but its pretty serious.

    Thanks again for the encouragement and support. Ill be fine, just very busy.
  19. Im glad that nothing bad happened, but it could have very well as been a BG with his own gun so you had to be ready which you were.

    Your sis put you in a position that she should not have, drunk or not and I hope you kicked her rear good. (Whether you tell us about that or not)

    Congrats on a sucessful encounter, you did good.

    Hope your sis gets help, Ive been there and it aint easy.

    Just my .02 cents
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    I concur with the others: your training and attitude held up. Sorry as all get out that you drew down on your sister. I understand what it is to physically draw on someone, and how that adrenaline dumps into the system.
    On a tangent, I am glad you stopped her. Drunk off her arse, in YOUR vehichle, for what ever reason...Thats not a good recipe. Get her the help she needs.

    And dont beat yourself up for doing what you trained yourself/mind for. I am just glad everthing turned out the way it did.

    Good luck, amigo.