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  1. ..as it says........just shooting the breeze.
    Well, it's friday! What does everyone have planned? It's about 6:45 eastern time for me and I just got home awhile ago from work and visiting Dad at the rehab place. Waitning for my buddy to call me to give him a hand unloading his new motorcycle (HD) as soon as he gets home. Tomorrow, go visit Dad in the a.m., come home and do my side work which is repairing pumps. MAYBE get some rounds shot out back if I got time. Sunday is the Easter thingy, we'll all go to my Sisters house.
    VERY windy over here right now, hopefully the power does not go out. Just finished playing with the youngest Rugrat and now it's MY TIME to relax a little....NOT!
    Anyway, hope everyone has a somewhat relaxing and safe weekend and Happy Easter to All.
    dick (aka sambo42xa)
  2. I just got back from shooting the new rifle; I'll try to post a pic and talk about it later. Going to go meet some friends in a few minutes.

    My son is visiting so I'm planning on spending as much of the weekend with him before he heads back to AZ and I go back to work Monday.

    Maybe I'll fill you in on my drive from Wisconsin back to Vegas this week. There's some WTF there. :mrgreen:

  3. Well, right now we just got nailed with 15 inches of snow (maybe more), so not doing much tonight :p I'm still at work now and will be until 10:30PM, when I will go home and help my now ex-better half (a recent happening that's still got me really down) clear out the driveway of her folks place.

    Tomorrow night my buddy is taking me out to a bar to get drunk, which I am very much looking forward to :)
  4. Im going to the pawn shop to check out the guns and see what I might end up with.
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    ive spent the first evening puking every 15 min for the last six hours. The flu REALLY SUCKS. Im so sick i dont even want to go downstaris and reload. Now thats ILL.

  6. Get better SW, hope it's soon.

    This weekend I am doing NOTHING!!!! I got 2 weeks of SUCK coming up and I want to enjoy what I have right now. I am about to go outside, break into the 12 pack I just got and start a fire in my firepit. That's about as far as it goes, unless someone calls me....
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    Tomorrow morning I have to help my son change the battery in his bike, then I think he and I will run some errands and in the Afternoon take a run up to MT Charleston. On the way back probably stop at Outback for supper. Of course nothing ever goes as planned, so everything above my go south in a heartbeat. Sunday is the only day I know will go off as planned. Cook Ham and veggies, bake bread, eat.
  8. Hey man, make sure to drink plenty of fluids so you dont dehydrate. When we all had it here, it was pretty well gone in a week

    Hang in there!
  9. I plan on having a boooring depressing weekend. GO EMO!
  10. I'd rather have the HP bug instead of what SW got! (yuk)
  11. Friday we went into town and got a few more to put up . Saturday we went to the zoo , Angel gave a talk on cooking with herbs , and she had spmples . Sunday we are having the family over for lunch . Hopefully we can get a nap in later.
  12. I went shooting yesterday and did some reloading. Today I reloaded some more and re-stocked my upstairs ammo box and now I start cooking Easter dinner, the preps were done yesterday. Perhaps tomorrow morning will bring a bit more range time.

    Happy Easter Everyone.
  13. Well it's Sunday morning, a very Happy Easter to all my friends. Sun's out, beautiful day here. Took 75 y/o mom-in-law out for birthday last night with my kids it was a good time; she's a swell gal. Today, wife's cooking Easter meal which we'll cart to my son's house to feast and hang out - our first big meal at his house since he moved in. After the feast, brother's family coming over to visit and watch the Flyers try to lose again.

    So, all-in-all, a good day. Tomorrow I leave for two weeks in Europe for work and pleasure.