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  1. Here is a picture that I thought I would share of my son :D . It was taken at a weight lifting match at Jamil Temple in Columbia S.C. . He squated 750 lbs .
    Look close and you can see the chains that they install because if the lifter drops the bar the spotters won't be able to hold it .

  2. Good show.

    I miss lifting but will never be able to lift heavy again, bad knees and a torn rotator cuff :cry:


    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Hey Spot, Remind me NEVER get you or your son mad at me. I would never survive the encounter :lol:
  4. Wow, the term "Bigboy" doesnt even begin to describe it. That's alot of weight, about 3.5 of me!
  5. Goood lord....Thats a lot of weight. I took weightlifting as a phis ed. I saw a ton of improvement in my mid thigh pull and squats.
  6. He weighed in at 306 lbs. for this match.
  7. Good Lord - who feeds that kid?????? :lol:

    Man, ya just have to smile to see someone show such dedication. You done well, Pappa.
  8. He and his wife buys his own food now , ( I'm glad to say ).
  9. Afraid he stomp me pretty good as well. Big ol boy!
  10. griff30

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    From the looks of it, he is either in league with Lucifer or someone needs a camera with redeye reduction. LOL
    Nice lift and great form.
  11. rodka

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    thats one strong kid.
  12. griff30
    When he was in the 11th grade a USMC recruter came to his school and asked him ( What do you want to do in my Marine Corp ) and to this he answered and said that I want to kill people. So you never know.
  13. Show me your war face! HAAAAAGGGHHH!!!

    give that man a 50 cal mg to run around with :lol:
    Or just forgo guns and give him an armored suit and just let him crush em all 8)
  14. Thayldt21

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    Yea, I could take him!


    Thats a bigin alright.
  15. Ari

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    Holy crap! It looks like his head is about to pop. Red eyes and all... Ok so what can the old man do? since you have a free trainer
  16. Ain't it good to know you gotta kid with the kind of guts and determination it takes to rise to that level in his sport.

    Spot on!
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    Impressive, squats are one of the most tiring forms of weight lifting.

    I was flirting w/ 700 on squat the same time I dislocated my hip in a Football game. Chains would have been a nice re-assurance, all we had was 2 horiz. bars in the cage to stop the weights 2' from the ground.

    PT for the dislocation saw me doing 20lbs squats in a shallow pool. havent attempted a squat since, and frankly I'm scared I'd fall apart.
  18. ARI, Not much , I was his spotter.
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    Had to give it another look and a bump. Again you gotta be proud Mr Spot.
    I am a slow starter and at age 39 I have a 3 year old and a 4 month old and I am proud of them, but DAMN my hats off to you and your son's determination to competetivly lift like that.

    Great form.