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    So i searched and searched and could not find any threads on this topic so i had to make a new post.

    I am not a mall ninja. I do not want to add 10lbs in lazers, flashlights and full sized long range scopes to my carbine. I want to go the other way and try and make it as light as possible. Has anyone messed around with this same thinking? If so how did you achieve it and what weight did you get it down too?
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    Way back there was a thread on this. Don't recall the title.... But the HP's ate blowback operated guns, where the slide weight is critical in the operation of the gun. Too much and your getting a malfunctioning, dangerous pistol.

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    Cool stuff. But i was asking about the carbine and not specifically lightening the slide, but instead many different parts of the carbine. Sorry i should have been more specific.
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    My bad..... Been a few members have stripped em down pretty far, so I'm sure you'll get a hit soon..... Ciccup maybe?
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    I'd like to shed some weight.....on my carbines. I've given up on myself.

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    the carbines are still lighter than the M16A1 i carried in the Marines !!!!:D
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    I'd guess shaving unnecessary girth and weight from the stock and maybe drilling holes in the FSB and maybe the (already skeletonized) rear sight.

    If you have a TS stock you could consider removing the hokey spring loaded butt portion and affixing a rubber butt pad to the stock. Definitely invest in a dremel tool, maybe even a sawzall.

    Get your drill and Swiss cheese the stock wherever it won't affect rigidity.

    How much weight you want to remove will be commensurate with how, er, "unique", you want the finished product to look.

    Remember, unique is where it's at. That's why we own HiPoints, no?
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    I did remove the springs from my 4595TS but put the original pad back on. It's much better now but the only drawback is now I can't use my stock as a pogo stick.
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    I like my girl to have a little meat on her bones ! ;) :p
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    That's fine as long as the T-n-A stays on! :D

    OOps, we talkin' carbines??? :confused: :confused: :confused: :p
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    Has anyone weighed the ts stock by its self? If it is only 10% of the total weight then working on it isn't going to much difference. But if it is 30% then that is a different story.
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    I'm smellin' what you're cookin', home skillet!
  14. get stronger arms and the weapon will feel amazingly light
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    yep hold the weapon in both arms with both arms at shoulder level for 15 plus minutes without allowing your arms to droop and see how heavy it is
  16. If you dont care about ad on's break out the dremel and make the fore grip area rail free, and maybe a lot thinner?
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  18. Newbie member here (and definitely NO expert on these weapons), but I saw a post the other night, wherein the poster made the point that the spring loaded buttstock isn't for the user's comfort, but to cushion the innards of the rifle itself during recoil.

    I thought that made a lot of sense, given that the HiPoint carbines don't kick hard enough to warrant a spring loaded buttstock for the user.
  19. Cushoning the innards doesn't make sense to me considering the HP carbine isn't fragile by any means. My 1100 12 ga. doesn't seem to be built as tough and kicks 5X harder.

    Being shorter stature, I ended up taking the 3 butt springs out to lose about 1/2" of length. There is enough friction on the sliders to keep it nested against the stock and it's more comfortable. About 1/4 oz. lighter too. I didn't feel any difference in recoil.
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    That's possible, but the classic didn't have that, yet still functioned fine.

    Besides, I suck the gun in tight to my shoulder, collapsing the springs, so there isn't any cushioning anyway.;)