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Weight that matters

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Hey guys,

Most people here have some sort of plan for SHTF and have gathered gear accordingly. In a scenario where you can only have what you can carry (vs. having a bug-out vehicle fully stocked with weapons, ammunition, and the kitchen sink) weight and the management thereof is (in my mind) extremely important.


How much does your BOB weigh? And what percentage (roughly) of that weight falls into:

Medical supplies
Other (please describe if possible)

The reason I ask is the tendancy I've noticed for survival-minded individuals (myself included) to put a heavy emphasis on food-gathering gear (frog gigs, spears, snares, traps, fishing kits, gutting/skinning gear, cooking kits, &c.) and weapons, and less on carrying foodstuffs. Now, I completely understand that an energy bar fills you once and a .22 and a cookpot keep you fuller longer, but there's the issue of speed of travel in an environment that might be changing rapidly. Setting up a basecamp and foraging might not be an option. This concept has me rethinking my BOB management.

So, how do you all weigh in?

Truly honest individuals might include what their BOB weight is as compared to their own personal weight. My long-range BOB vs. body weight is about 80/145.

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I believe our local Fortress plan (although obviously untested) combines the best of all theories. Unfortunately, it's heavily dependent on your location, your relationships with those around you, and being generally unselfish. Laugh if you want, I still think it'll work.

Sir I would never laugh at another man doing his damnedest to protect himself and his own. I may not agree that citys are viable but hey how many times have I lived through the end of the world? LOL
You might have something viable there that people have over looked.
By all means start a thread I would love to read it. Who knows you could save a lot of lives!
See there, I just wanted to know how much peoples' backpacks weigh and here I am saving the world again. Work, work, work. :D

The "rube" artical pretty much layed out my plan, and why I carry a GHB. My neighbors and I, (nieghbor being a relative term, as my nearst neighbor is almost a mile away), while not having a formal plans already work together in many aspects, and have a large enough spread of skills and resources to band together into a very survivable communinty.
I basically took my mobility bag (LG ALICE pack with frame) from when I was in the Air Force and cut it back to one change of clothes, added three MRE type meals, Maps of local area, extra knife, rope, duct tape, 8x10 tarp.
There are a few other things that change with the seasons.

On the outside I have two 1 qt military canteens with cups. I also made a gun case for my 995 that mounts on one side of the pack. Incidentally the Military M12 holster fits the C9 quite well and mounts on the pack belt for carry.

Fully loaded it is in the 40 to 50 lb range.
See there, I just wanted to know how much peoples' backpacks weigh and here I am saving the world again. Work, work, work. :D

Oh yeah and before I forget to answer your question 80lbs fully loaded tad more then winter. Yes I know how much that is and yes I am aware of how long that pack makes the miles seem as I hike with it every year to make sure I can haul my own freight. Three days walking with it and I find my self going over the lists saying I have to be able to get rid of something..... :)

But I never seem to find anything I want to do with out and it is less then 40% of my body weight so I should have no problem moving with it.
And you would be surprised how many people just hashing things through stuff changes peoples games. I have learned a lot on the web enought for me to keep at it for 8 years now.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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