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  1. Today I went to the gun shop where I bought my Taurus PT92 AFS 9mm. The salesman who sold me the gun asked about the gun. I told him I still have it and love it. He told me the gun had a interesting life. I told him that doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy. He told me he won't tell me unless I ask so I informed him that once you set the hook you must reel it in. He told me he knew the guy who brought the gun in. The guy had inherited it from his brother after his brother took his life with it. The salesman didn't seem to concerned about it or any thing so I stated ones man's loss is anothers gain. As much as I hate to hear of a loss like this it really had no effect on my feelings about my purchase. Would this bother any one? I am just curious what the general consensus is for this situation. I personally feel bad about the strangers loss but I am still very happy about my purchase. what makes the situation even weirder is my girlfriend didn't really care either. Did make her curious on who it was.
    About a year ago a local officer killed himself after getting in a accident and was pinned in his car while it was on fire. He started to burn so he made the decision to pull the trigger. He left a beautiful wife and two children behind. I wonder if this could be his gun. Even if it is his gun, I would feel even more proud to own this pistol.
    Sorry for the book of a post but I was curious on how you guys would feel.
  2. honestly, I realy wouldnt know what to feel about the situation. I would of course keep the gun, its just an interesting story to tell when you display your guns to friends

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    Does it seem a little weird? Yeah, at first, but then again if he hadn't told you it would still be the same gun, wouldn't it. I wondered the same about the M16s Soldiers use to take their own lives. I transported a Soldier in Bosnia who took his life with his issued weapon. I wondered what the Army did with the weapon. My platoon Sgt said "They re-issue it, its not defective, the one who used it was". Callous as it seems, he was right. Knowing your pistols past, I would have bought it. Guns don't kill people, people do.
  4. Being a milsurp collector, there is a good chance that some of my weapons have been used to kill people.

    Would I like to know the circumstances? Honestly I would.

    Does that make me morbid? I don't really think so, just curious.

    I do not think you are morbid or anthing either. The gun is a tool, only a tool.
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    A friend of mine recently passed on a Beretta 92 for $150, because the previous owner had used it to commit suicide. His widow (25ish) was selling it after retrieving it from the local PD. He said he would not be able to shoot it. He did not appreciate me asking if he thought it was haunted or carried the bad karma. He is a easy going guy and got pissed about it. I agree that a gun is only as dangerous as the person pulling the trigger. Just my .02.
  6. I love the gun just the same. I feel the death is on the hands of the person pulling the trigger, not the gun. I am even a little happy that it got me a good price on a hardly ever fired gun. I feel the same way as you do waltham41.
  7. did that guy's blood get in the gun and left a stain? no? uh, good. i don't care what or who the gun kill before when in to my hand. as soon as it fall into my hand it start a new life.

    if any one try to get ride of Hilter's P38 i'll will be happy to take it from them.
  8. Just a note, the pistol that Hitler used to kill himself with was a .32acp Walther PPK, and yes I would love to own that one just for the history, if nothing else.
  9. Just for poops and giggles:
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    I dont care too much if its been used to take a life (as long as the gun isnt on the hot sheets because of that) but I might ask for a small discount on it....but of course, that is if I found out before Sigma was new, my AR was XD9 and HP were used, but I wouldnt lose any sleep if I found out they had been used to kill someone...
  11. I have seven guns that are between 75 and a hundred years old five of them could have and likly did. four of them are Mosin Nagants and they have seen action. I dont care what they have done in the past, they are tools and if they were used to kill ..... well that is what they were made for. hope they never have to for me, but if needed they are the right tool for the job. I take care of my tools so they can take care of me.
  12. I had a FFL do a little searching on my Nagant and it was issued and re-issued about 4 times during Vietnam, although it is a little wierd knowing that the gun I own was used against my countrymen, it actually increases the value to me knowing that that gun was a part of world history, no matter how small a part
  13. I'd get the officer's gun, sell it on auctionarms as a charity auction, and give the profit to the widow. Would like to see some good out of it, and if at all possible would prefer it go to an officer who would carry it in memory of the fallen. Also can't say I'd blame the officer, I'd probably do the same thing. Bullet to the brain causing instant death is much more preferable to a slow agonizing burning to death.
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    I don't care what my guns were used for. I would like to know their histories to have a story to tell about it when showing it off. I know one of mine was used locally to commit homicide and another was used in a suicide. I don't feel they are haunted. I also do not believe that there is bad karma connected to them. It would be ubercool to have the gun that shot JFK (the actual gun)or hinkleys' gun that was used to shoot the "Gipper" or something special like that and maybe have a blood stain on it. I once had a bayonet that was from WWII. It was stained beyond belief. I traded it for a S&W .38 spl.
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    guns dont carry karma, the person pulling the trigger does. own it, enjoy it and be happy. FWIW ive seen jap bolt actions that have finger silhouettes burned into the wood where the guy got cooked with a flamethrower while he was still holding the rifle. Freaky.

  16. Now THAT would be pretty wild to see.
  17. A friend of mine's grandpa in alamagordo NM has a captured japanese sword that still has blood stains on it. It felt like looking into a window into history. (especially listening to the story on how he got it.) Gotta love weapons with history.
  18. My great uncle had a complete japanese uniform, sword, everything... my bro and I used to joke that the soldier he took it off of was only unconscious and was running around Okinowa or some other place butt naked since he didn't have any clothes.
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    Ive seen two. One at a gunshow that had a 900$ price tag on it that said "unique war trophy" and the other was on gunbroker for 150$.

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    -------Would this bother any one?--------

    I guess I'm weird, but it would bother me a little. I wouldn't want that "luggage" attached to a gun that I owned. I think that it would always be in the back of my mind. That being said, I definitely don't believe in the gun having "bad karma" or anything like that.