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    I haven't seen this anywhere so if it's a re-post let me know and I'll pull it down.


    “WELCOME TO ARIZONA!” Phoenix Gun Owner Thwarts Bank Robbery, Kills Suspect

    A Phoenix business owner saw a bank robbery beginning to unfold in the strip mall where he works and decided to take action to defend his neighbors. He grabbed his own gun, snatched the keys from the robber’s still running and undefended car, and laid in wait for the robbers as they left the store, toting a bin full of cash.

    When they suspects emerged, the business owner opened fire.

    Two armed suspects wearing masks entered the Desert Schools Credit Union near Cactus and Tatum around 3 p.m. and attempted to rob it, police said. A witness then opened fire on the suspects. It is not known if the suspects returned fire.

    Authorities said one of the suspects was shot and transported to a local hospital where he died. The second suspect fled the bank and stole a vehicle from someone at gunpoint, damaging several cars as he fled.

    That suspect struck a mini-van, which then ran into a wall near 44th Street and Thunderbird. Two people in the mini van were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The suspect was taken into custody.

    A comment on the article seems to sum up the area’s attitude.


    A comment on the article sums up the community’s attitude towards crime.

    The business owner took a great deal of personal risk in choosing to take action to stop the bank robbers, and it appears that the decision paid off with a thwarted crime, a suspect in custody, and another customer in the morgue. Fortunately no one was hit by errant or over-penetrating gun shots, and the two people injured when the second robber failed in his attempt to escape.

    Police said that the nearby business owner’s decision to intervene was legally justified and that he will not face charges. They did stress that such a decision is extremely dangerous.

    They also stated that they believed this was not the first bank robbery for the dead and captured suspects, but did not elaborate.
  2. Wow why isn't this alllllll over the national news!?

    /end sarcasm\

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    NE Utah
    In some states, they'd be all over this guy for laying in wait and ambushing the poor bank robbers with no warning and no provocation.:cool:

    I mean what's the world coming to when some guy just shoots people without demanding they freeze or lay down their guns?:rolleyes:

    Thankfully, AZ isn't one of those states.;)
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    It is not all over the national media due to the fact is does not fit their agenda. Now if the bank robbers would of killed innocent people it would of been national news with calls for more gun control. The guy that shot the would be Clyde Parker practiced the correct form of gun control, hitting your target.
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    Dang it Al, you beat my response by 3 minutes, go coach a football game or something.
  6. The only problem here is that the other guy got away and endangered more people... Too bad he didn't kill them both on the spot...

    My buddy who is a huge surplus collector lives within throwing distance of that mall.

    I love Arizona.
    Phoenix sucks though, I need to move farther north.

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    We drove through there in our San Diego trip..... I love the area south of Flagstaff..... Me and the missus even talked of retiring there someday.
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    Rach was talking about moving at some point.
    Not anymore now he's found a job working with New York's future politicians :D
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    Oh, they all have criminal records?:D
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    Still planning on moving though. Might as well get a degree as an LPN or RN out of it before I do.
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    No, I'm a start date away from working with the mentally handicapped.

  12. Sooo.... Politicians?

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    Why even put this in the article? Am I reading too much into this line?

    Peace favor your sword,
  14. They put that in there, because, at the last second they realized. "Hey we are making this sound awesome, we need to make people think this was a terrible decision"

    and then they exposed there ignorant reporting.

    "Over penetrating" what about cops who fire 30rds and only make 3 count?

    Its okay they were trained, and we pay them for it.
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    Licensed Pistol Nerd or Registered Nutcase? :D