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  1. So on the 1st, we bought a 2000 BMW 528i SE. Unlike the pregnancy, it was not entirely planned (had to nip that potential joke in the bud :p); I had brought the Honda in for its monthly warranty check in September and it was sitting on the lot and caught my eye. So I threw a 100 pound deposit on it (that's around $170) for them to keep it for me.
    We will be needing a second car when the parasite bursts out of its host, so we had already known we had wanted a four door (our Honda is two) and something that was built solid. I love German vehicles, so when I saw the BMW I pretty much made up my mind on the spot. The only thing that made me take pause was the odometer was shot (it's a digital one, and some of the lights on it were burnt out), but they replaced it for free. We ended up paying $1,700, which excluded the deposit and covered the down payment, one year of road tax, and twelve-month warranty on it. Actually a bit cheaper than the Honda. The dealer I bought it from is a retired 20-year Air Force vet who sells exclusively to people stationed in England. So I drove it off the lot and had a pretty good time lol.
    So on Friday morning I am driving home from work in it, and I noticed the traction control light came on. It was a clear sunny morning on a dry flat road. But I was exhausted and just wanted to go to bed, so I just went home.
    Well, Friday afternoon comes as we want to go to base for this mini travel fair. Almost as soon as I start the car, the traction control light comes on again, but also a digital warning that tells me to check my oil pressure. Oil pressure was fine, so I figured maybe there was a sensor fault somewhere. And then we start driving; this car has a kickdown button under the accelerator which I use...quite often. Zero acceleration. It took us three minutes to get from 40 to 60 on the way. Luckily, the dealer is right by the base, so we pulled in and I figured taking advantage of the warranty was better than paying full price for something I might fix/break.
    Sounds like the sump needs to be replaced and the ATS sensor is glitchy. They thus far have said they'll be covering it no cost, but damn, what a Hell of an introduction. :p
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    Well, after having owned a 1987 Mercedes 260E for 7 years, I feel your pain!
    I bought the car in 2005 with 72,500 miles for $3500. I thought with maybe a few K's I would have this car up to SNUFF? Boy was I fooled. After 7 yrs, I accumulated over $22K in total restoration & repairs. Now some of that was my obsessiveness, but about $16k was just repairs that were left by the previous original owner. GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. I don't do that. If I have to pay for anything that costs more than what I paid for the car, I wash my hands of it. Now, of course, if I got the car for free or something, that would be another story, and of course I don't count gas, oil, etc. (the stuff that obviously accumulates past the car's value), but if, for example, they told me I needed to swap the engine or transmission or something, unless it would cost me more than what I paid for it, I'll take the scrap value and move on to greener pastures. :p
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    It is how much knowledge you have in the car? If I had spent that same money on the 560SL Mercedes, I could have recouped most of my money, but the 260E was the 4 door sedan, NOT so much.
    But I know a lady from our church that I gave the car to, that thanks GOD for her Mercedes Benz everyday she drives it!!!
  5. I'll be honest, I don't know much about cars (I literally know more about satellites and launch systems than a modern vehicle lol), but the 528i is a four door sedan as well, with a fair amount of miles on it. So really, if this is the first big thing that happened in 14 years, then I'm feeling pretty lucky, since it happened right away instead of some time down the road when I need it most (like when she's ready to pop, I don't wanna be going 30 in a 60 an hour from base lol).
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    Was her name Janis? :eek:

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    "We will be needing a second car when the parasite bursts out of its host" I know I am not the only one who had visions of Alien after reading this. :D

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    BMW: Generally dicey... I had a subscription to Car & Driver for about 3 years, and BMW garnered more hate mail than anyone else, and a common thread was "most over-priced POS ever!" Just my 2¢ worth ;)

    Mercedes "E" Class: "E" is for Economy, not meaning good fuel mileage, but it means a CHEAP(er) Mercedes. Cheaper made, not cheaper to fix!

    Caveat Emptor, fellas...
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    NE Utah
    My German BIL won't touch a BMW, he's a Mercedes man to the bone.

    The cost in modern German cars is, you have to do it all, and do it right, right now. Everything is finely tuned and interconnected. If you let something wear too long, it affects other stuff, so just trying to get by with a bare minimum repair results in continual ongoing costs.

    When you do it right, you do almost yearly serious tune ups by qualified/certified mechanics, and they replace things on the manufacturers schedule before they break or wear out, which costs money, but prevents issues.

    But if you do stay in front of things, they run like a well engineered machine.

    The older cars were much more robust. Worked on a lot of '70's and early '80's Beemers and Merks, they were pretty solid and really fast, without all the electronics and sensors. :rolleyes:
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  13. You wanted a 4 door? Should have just bought your civic a big brother. accord. Really luxury cars are for people with enough money to fix stuff all the time.
    Accords civics Maximas focus (this list goes on and on)
    Those are cars that will keep running as long as you change there fluids.

    As always with cars YMMV but so far it didn't sound like it
  14. Let's put it this way; I bought a Honda out of necessity. I was almost disowned by my Dad for it lol.
    My family is Ford or German cars; we tried to get a Ford Mondeo when we got out here, but there were none available at any of the local dealers for cheap enough, so we went with the Honda.
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    I used to have a 1986 BMW 735i
    Amazing car, slow off the line but fast up top.
    Best handling car I've ever had but also the most boring inside and out.
    I finally accumulated about $3500 on repairs to AC, ABS and brake pads and discs that I sold it to a BMW mechanic for $1100.
    In that car you could actually drive fast in the rain.......:)
  16. That's one of the reasons I bought it lol. Although the 528i ain't slow off the line, not even close. No idea what the 0-60 time is, but it can't be much; the 30 zone stops and the 60 zone begins on a nice flat stretch of road right at the edge of my town, and I hit it every single time; it goes from 30 to 60 in like a second, maybe two. Got a straight six in it so it's got some pretty decent go.
    But ain't boring, my Honda is the boring one of the two. The BMW is fourteen, but it's got a lot of the things modern vehicles have; dynamic sound, steering wheel radio controls, rain sensing wipers (convenient for the UK lol), voice commands, etc.
    Thought it's a bit dated in that it still has a carphone in the center console and a CD player in the trunk.
    But it's got a polished wood trim and really nicely lit interior. Pretty glad it didn't come with leather, I hate that stuff, has a really nice fabric. Yeah, leather is easier to clean, but I hate how it feels to sit on.
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    When I think reliable cheap german car, I can only think VW....... :p

    edit: This site (http://www.zeroto60times.com/BMW-Bimmer-0-60-mph-Times.html) has the 0-60 times of the 1999 528i @ 6.8 sec and the 2001 @ 7.7 sec. It didn't have the 2000 528i numbers. The 528i has a 2.8l in line 6 with 193 hp. That's a pretty small 6. Our old '98 grand cherokee had a 4.0l in line 6.
  18. That's because the Cherokee is a Jeep; it needs more power considering it's better designed for off-road. A four door sedan ain't designed for that stuff lol.
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    That inline six in the jeep was based off the old international online six.... Tons of torque, if'n I remember correctly. I had that engine in a 97 wrangler, and a 98 Cherokee.... Loved it.
  20. Lol
    My 96 maxima has a 3.5 ;-)

    $800 car stripped bare. I nicknamed it the tire monster. Cause it eats them if you let it.

    Ugly as hell, dent in every panel, still has deer hair stuck in the head light seal from last winters run in. But it's rock solid reliable.
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