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  1. Yesterday a friend of mine. came over for me to look at his newly acquired to him Jennings 59 9mm. that he got from his other friend for $75.

    he was complaining on a few problems the gun had.. he also had a recoil spring ( for a different gun oh well )

    1 main problem the gun would not "cock" and he was told by a different gun smith that it was ether a sear pin and / or fire pin and was going to charge him 85 + parts to fix.

    so I rolled out the rubber work mat and did a field strip ( I wish HP had that style of slide retainer. ) first thing I found was the firing pin was installed backwards. so I put it together and ran some snap caps through it.. yes it now works.... ( took 30 sec. and $0 in parts ) but as I was running the snap caps.. it would jam on every other cycle.. so I took the slide back off and fed the caps by finger push and bingo.. on the left side of the feed ramp there was a burr (the other thing I like about the J59 is it's a double stack mag.) took care of that..

    but then the mag does not release.. but by that time came it was getting late so he will come back later for me to fix that... he is very happy

    sad to say I had to let him know he over paid for it.... :(..

    J59 has a rep of being the most dangerous gun. and after working on it I can under stand. even though it uses a similar design as hi point the safety equipment is horrid at best ( yes some one had already removed all the safety equipment from the gun because of jams )

    with that being said.. there is 2 things I wish hi point. would have done...
    1 the ease of field strip. 2 the double stack clip.. but rest of the j59 is utter junk :(..

    but hay it does fire now. it's just very unsafe to use for anything but plinking.

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    Pick up tail gate lift lach

    One of the old graybeards I shoot with has a J59 welded to his pick up lift latch on his tail gate-Pretty much says it all
  3. well the gun came back to me today... The friends wife was afraid of it in the house so he sold it to me for $55 ( I did it for a favor and to have it as a C&R gun ). it is at dads house till the divorce thing is over with. then it will come home with the other guns.