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    I am a proud member of the NRA!!! I have toyed with it for a long time. Today I decided to do it. Partly thanks goes to the NRA thread further down the board.
  2. congrats. let us know how it goes. i might join up.

  3. I joined this winter and am very glad I did. I'm not terribly excited over the several life insurance offers I get in the mail (waste of postage IMO) but the spam doesn't irritate me too much. In the last few weeks alone I was alerted to things going on in Wisconsin (Castle doctrine and Youth Hunting Mentor Program) that I'd have not known about otherwise. On a scale of 100 I'd rate the NRA at this point at about 80% satisfactory. That is 80% better than I knew before. :)
  4. Congrats! Im looking forward to the membership that NRAJOE was kind enough to set up for me. Never been a member before
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    Being like some of you here have never been a member of the NRA. Like I said after reading several of the post in the NRA thread I decided to go for it. Then Made a gun purchase and included a free NRA subscription. So then it became a no brainer. :D
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    +1. Congrats to you p7196

    Always happy to hear about a new NRA member.

    What some people dont think about where the NRA is concerned is this.

    Not only is the NRA fighting every day for our Second Amendment Rights, But all the others as well.

    How do I figure?

    I figure it like this. The Second Amendment is the one Amendment that is attacked the hardest from all fronts. So long as there is the NRA or other groups that are fighting the same fight our 2nd Amnd rights will stand.
    Once those rights have been lost because there was not enough support, all the other amendments will be under attack. 1st 3rd and on.
    Think the PC police have put a cramp in your 1st amendment rights?
    Let the second fall and see how fast the first goes down, and then the rest will go like dominoes in a hurricane.

    Good man on your membership.
  7. I too made a new gun purchase which gave me a FREE (ooooo, I like that word FREE... 8) ) subscription to NRA.
  8. Congrats man and welcome. I have been a member for a couple of years now and just got a cool folding knife in the mail for renewing my membership. Not to mention the great magazine that I get once a month.
  9. I looked into joining the NRA because they stand up for our rights when the government is trying to take them away!!!
  10. After futher reveiw I am going to join as soon as I get my pay check!!! I guess it is not all that bad. And after I worked up that big sob story!!!!!!
  11. Oh screw it, I joined now. It seems that the importance of this group is at a all time high with all the bastards who want to replace our guns with hugs.
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    Hey if the gubment has their way we will all be concealed carrying yo-yos. Our fore fathers had the smarts to give us our 2nd amendment rights and I just don't understand why they want to take that away from us.
  13. Why not they are about done destroying the beautiful economic machine that they build buy selling out. Sh1t, before to long politicians will be wiping their a$$ with the constitution. It just feels like people don't think or just don't care to stand up and fight to preserve the rights set in place by our for fathers. It is very sad that no one even cares to take intrest in their own lives. Just totally happy to walk through life with the blinders on.