Well my 995 will be going back.

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by ChrisP, Jan 20, 2008.

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    After going through 60rds of ammo I still can not hit a 12" x 12" target. The gun shoots left and I've adjusted the factory iron sight all the way that I can and it still shoots left, the front sight is straight but this thing just shoots to the left.

    As my first Hi Point product I can't say that I'm very happy with it :?

    I plan on shipping it back to the factory on Tuesday.
  2. Chris I am not being insulting, please dont take it that way, but did you try moving the sight the other way? I have been shooting for years, and every now and then I will goof up and move one way when I should have went the other.

    How far away are you starting to try to zero the carbine?

    Sorry for your dissapointment

  3. Good candidate for a scope...then get another with iron sights...good excuse no? ;)
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    ..and I've tried both ways and neither is helping.
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    When I first bought it I planned on taking the sights off of it and just puting on a red dot but I'd like to be able to shoot the rifle as it is before I take the sights off, I mean what if something is wrong with the gun?
  6. Time to call Hi Point, try not to be too disappointed, they will make things good for you.
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    For the price that I paid I guess I can't be to dissapointed in it but anything with a 16" barrel should be able to be on paper at 25yds within 10rds or so.
  8. You would think so, it is probably something simple but not obvious. Dont drive yourself nuts let them deal with it.
  9. carbine shooting left


    When I got my 4095, I noticed that the front sight was canted off to one side.

    With the carbine, the rear sight is mounted on the receiver shroud and the front site is "set-screw" mounted on the barrel. here is a difference in the alignment of the sites to the bore axis.

    To sight the carbine in.. start at 10 yards. Set the rear sight in the mid point laterally and the height adjustment about a turn off of bottom. Set the front sight so that it is absolutely verticle to the barrel of the carbine. Now shoot 5 rounds with the carbine in a rest (front of stock can rest of sand bags or such to support) so that the 5 shots are fired with the carbine aligned as consistant as possible for each shot. Now notice where the shots place on the target. Loosen the front sight set-screw and rotate slightly the sight mount either left or right, depending on where the shots hit the target. Don't worry about height adjustment yet. Now if the bullets hit the target to the left, move the front sight to the left. If the bullets hit the target to the right, move the front sight to the right. Do this for several shot groups till you get a group that is fairly inline horizontally with the sight alighment. Once you get "close" to horizontal point of aim as you can, tighten the front sight set-screw and fire another round of 5. You might find at this point that the bullets point of impact as moved slightly from the last setting. This is because the set-screw will slightly move the front sight mount as it locks in position. Final adjustment to "zero" in the shots will be done with the rear sight. For final horizontal "zero", if the bullets are striking slightly left of the point of aim, move the rear sight adjustment to the right. If the bullets are striking slightly right of the point of aim, move the rear sight adjustment to the left.

    Now with the shot being placed horizontally to the point of aim, it is time to move the target out to the 25 yard point. You are doin this to vertically "zero" the shots to the point of aim. Fire a 5 shot group and see where the bullets strike the target. Again this is with the carbine in a rest position (sand bags). If the above process was done properly, then the bullets will strike the target close to the point of aim horizontally but not vertically. Adjust rear sight as stated above to re-align for horizontal "zero". Now if the bullets are striking below the point of aim, then adjust the rear sight up. If the bullets are striking above the point of aim, adjust the rear sigh down. This is just to get the "zero" of the carbine to the point of aim at 25 Yards. Depending on where (how far out) you want to use the carbine, you can do a ballistics analysis to see where the bullet should strike at 75 and 100 yards with a 25 yard "zero".

    This whole process was what I had to do to "zero" in my carbine. Once I had it in, I could adjust the rear sight to the brand of ammo bullet weight and distance I wanted to shoot.

    I have since mounted a scope on my carbine and had to go through the whole process again to include loosening the scope mounting brackets and remounting the scope to get it back inline with the "bore" of the carbine. I did this at 10 yards. Once the mounting alignment was done, I proceded to "zero" in at 10 yards and then out to 25 yards.

    It is a slow process but it works. Also I have done this not only with the Hi-Point, but with every other long-gun and handgun that I've owned that had an adjustable sight.

    Don't give up on the gun yet. Do what you can and see if it works. Rarely have I had a gun come straight from the factory and hit where I want. And if you ever mount a scope, red-dot, laser, etc. you will find sometimes you have to play with the mounts to get it to "print" on paper before you even start to adjust the adjustment screws.. GRIN

    Have Fun, hope this helped,

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    thats very very very odd that this carbine cant hit 12x12 from 25yds.. mine can hit 3x3 at 25yds with open sights.. and no, im not that good.

    either youre not lining sights up correctly, youre shooting is off, or the barrel is bent. lol.

    send it in, Hi-Point will check it out, make sure all is right.
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    My bet is that the front sight is not on center vertically. Try starting over again, starting at 7 yd's.
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    Well I called Bee Miller today and the "carbine supervisor" told me to move the front sight to the right, considering that my rear sight is all of the way left I don't see how this can help that much. I'm going to pull the sights off of it and buy a cheap red dot and see if I can get the thing to shoot straight.

    ..and my local outdoor range will only let pistols on their pistol range (even though the 995 is a pistol caliber they still won't allow it) and the closest target that they have on their rifle range is 25yds.

    Dissapointed but I guess that you get what you pay for.
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    Weird to have that much difficulty. I put my crappy little BSA red dot back on my carbine after it magically started adjusting one day. I'm not too good at holding it steady but I hit the 12"x12" circle target 3/10 times from about 100 yards. I don't think there's anything wrong with bailing on the iron sights and going to something else. I can't figure out how to sight in my GP WASR to hit anything past 20 yards or so for the life of me, so I bailed and put my 4x scope I used to have on my carbine on there.
  14. Chris P, if it were me I would do as he said, shoot 15 rds or so and then call them back and said it still isnt working, and then send it back to them

    Dont give up, the customer service is really good.
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    Chris P. wrote:

    I understand your disappointment, but if it is a problem with the weapon, Hi-Point WILL make it right.

    Now if you are really that dissed with the 995, I WILL buy it from you without a 2nd thought. PM me.
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    Do check the alignment on the sight (make sure its vertical). One day I took my 995 to the range... Shot one clip and barely hit paper, but something felt wrong. I thought I was freaking out, but I had another guy look at it and confirm the sight was canted a few degrees over. One of the set screws had backed out a bit, and let it twist just a little. I reset it, tightened it down and it was fine, didn't even have to rezero.
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    It seems that if you will not listen to the expert it is you that has an issue not the gun.
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    Just got back from the "range", ok so it was the back pasture, 3 of us shooting our brand new 995's at about 30 yards or so. 1 with the red dot and 2 of us with the iron sites. The red dot was just about spot on after the first clip. The other iron site took a bit but it got there. Mine, it took forever to site in. The back site was all the way to the left and it was still shooting to the right of target. Great grouping just to the right. I had the other guys shoot it to make sure that I'm not goofing. Same thing, shooting to the right! We then compared the 3 and found that my front site was off center, to the right! I centered the front site and pulled the back site back to the middle. The gun was right on after the next clip! Love this gun! My new C9 still needs some break in, Fails to feed the first round then bang bang when I want it to! $303 for both the 995 and c9.... love it!
  20. jimcope has a great idea with the bore sighter. I picked one up from sportsmansguide for about 40 bucks that goes from a 22 all the way up to a 12 gauge shotgun