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  1. Well, technically, old.
    Turns out I got arthritis. I'm 27, and I got arthritis.
    For the last seven years, my right foot has been in almost constant pain. It started in Japan. Originally they thought it was just because I spent a lot of time on my feet at my job there. So they prescribed me some painkillers and sent me on my way.
    I got stationed in Ohio, and the podiatrist there diagnosed me with a condition called hammertoe (a joint deformity), and for the next five years, treated me with orthopedic footwear inserts and physical therapy.
    Then I got stationed here in England. The podiatrist here took one look at my foot and said, "That other doctor is an idiot." I do not have hammertoe. So he sent me an hour up north to a specialty clinic for a gait analysis so they could make me a pair of custom orthos. They said it would take up to a year to work, and would be painful, but it would reshape my cartilage so that my foot would have a bit more padding to ease the stress on it. As part of a six month follow-up, they did an MRI of my foot back in March. Confusion ensued; I called the radiology department and asked if I needed to follow up. They said no. So I didn't. Well, the pain persisted, and I reached my year mark in late September. Still painful. So, I made another appointment with the podiatrist and saw him again on the 2nd. Turns out when I called radiology, they thought I meant a follow-up with THEM, not podiatry. In fact the doctor got my MRI and requested a follow-up, but it never reached me (go TRICARE!). Basically the MRI said I have cartilage loss in my foot and arthritis in my big toe. Both of which were severely aggravated by seven years of wrong treatment (the hammertoe therapy was intensive and the orthos I've been wearing for a year have been basically destroying the cartilage that would cushion that toe). It only took seven years to figure out. :rolleyes:
    My grandma knew what was up almost immediately well over five years ago when I described it to her (she has really bad arthritis in her hands). Wish I could have brought her to the appointments with me. :p

    What's sad is that I don't really mind the arthritis. What I dread is the VA paperwork. *Shudders.*
  2. MaryB

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    Welcome to getting old... wait until you pass 30 and bone spurs start popping up everywhere! I had back arthritis at 18...

  3. bscar

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    Enough red tape to hang yourself with?
  4. No. No no no no no. NO. MARY. NO.
    My grandpa has bone spurs and back arthritis since he was very young.

    STOP. First the casino thing, now the bone thing. I'm starting to think I need to quarantine my grandparents' house and cut off their Internet to see if it's them posting or you're a separate person.
  5. My day to day job gives me enough of that already. Hopefully they'll one up it to piano wire.
  6. Bull

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    Those are lovely........
  7. Though it's funny you mention that, they think I may have a spur in my neck. :p
  8. MaryB

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    Get it treated or end like me! Titanium plate holding 3 vertebrae together!
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    Is it Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis?

    For mild Rheumatoid there are some OTC anti-inflammatories which can really help. Some mild anti-inflammatories like Turmeric, Ginger, and Cinnamon can help if the inflammation is very mild (but it sounds like it isn't). One which really does help a lot your grandmother probably uses still: DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide). It's a clear liquid and is used as a topical application. Just wipe some onto the skin and rub it in. Some Doctors prescribe it as an anti-inflammatory but it is OTC in most places, including the U.S. However, if you are suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis anti-inflammatories just treat the symptoms, not the cause, which is still not conclusively known or understood but is thought to be an autoimmune dysfunction (the immune system identifies joints as an invader and attacks them for some reason).

    If you are lucky, you have Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is, in many cases, actually curable with, get this, Jello. Seriously. Basically, the cartilage in the joints can "wear out" over time and with use (or through injury) but can be "replaced" with dietary gelatin (collagen). Jello. Or gelatin capsules. But you can't skimp. Get a lot.

    Both Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis run in my family and what with my martial arts I'm a prime candidate for osteo. I've used DMSO to treat minor sports injuries for years.

    Wishing good health for you, my friend.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I heard if you spray some WD-40 it won't hurt as bad.
  11. lklawson

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    If nothing else, it works as an external antioxidant. :rofl:

    Peace favor your sword,
  12. Bull

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    I'm having grease zerts inserted in my joints...... A few pumps of white lithium, and I should be good......
  13. moona11

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    Someone was showing gun oil while ago try that.
  14. Actually have. It works quite well for its intended purpose. :D
  15. undeRGRound

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    Time to research some natural cures, FB!
    It's early enough that you could find something that will work for you...

    @m00nzy Gun Oil :D :rofl:
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    I recommend cod liver oil pills seems to help with my knees and hip a decent bit .
  17. MaryB

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    Osteo also includes formation of bone spurs. My spine is slowly fusing itself and I lose more range of motion every year. Have spurs in almost every joint too, especially knees and hips. Last hip xray I pointed at the spur and told the doc "Wow nice bone spur" she looked at me ans asked how I learned to read them... umm 13 MRI's, umpteen joint xrays, to many CT scans(I should glow in the dark by now!)
  18. SWAGA

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    Bromelain is a natural anti inflammatory.
    Amazon has it.
    Find the highest dose which is 10,000 IU's or something.
    Good thing about Bromelain is that if has no side effects, no known reactions with anything else you might be taking and you can't overdose on it.
    You can literally eat a jar a day.
  19. Outlaw

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    Gotta luv them military docs. Only took 7 years. I haven't had mine checked out yet, but I'm stiff everywhere. Between a life in the military, crawling all over airplanes in the airlines, martial arts, etc., I can hardly bend over, have to sit to put my socks on, etc. I'm 66, so I guess it can be expected at some point. I'll check out that Bromelain Swag, thanks. ;)