Well Troubles

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  1. I woke up Saturday morning all bright and chipper, all ready for a day of shooting with some friends of mine. I walked into the bathroom, turn on the shower and.....nothing. No water. Not even a drop. I walked into the kitchen, turn on faucet.....no water. The sick feeling sets in at this point.
    I walked back into the bathroom, lift the lid off the toilet, and there is my answer. The flapper is hanging wide open. Water had run through it all night and now the well was empty. My wife flushed the toilet Friday night and despite the fact I have tried my damndest to engrain into to her the importance of checking such things due to the water situation here in central N.C., she pays me no heed. I launch into one of my patented Patriot Rants. She says nothing knowing that I'm right. I calm myself. Call my friend who comes over and and helps me measure the level. Mind you my well is an old-style dug well that a human body could easily fall into and is about 200 feet deep. It's been 5 days now and the water level is up considerably, so hopefully My friend and I can check the level again, prime the pump and be back in business by tonight.
    Keep your fingers crossed. I'm tired of cold pan baths using water from the neighbors house. Moral of the story is this: Your wife doesn't listen to you.....EVER. And if she does, she won't believe you until she experiences it herself. :evil:

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    MAYBE this little deal will teach her, if it doesn't nothing will! Why are women so hardheaded? Ya tell them and tell them and they still ignore you. I have a sister who is like that as the other one says Ya just gotta let her learn it hte hard way.

  3. Shooter,
    are you guys having water troubles down in South Carolina as bad as it is here in North Carolina? We haven't had a decent rain in almost 9 months.
  4. Make sure you get that flapper fixed. Many new options to completely eliminate those unreliable flappers.
  5. Affirmative on that, Adjuster. That will definitely be taken care of.
    As of tonight, it was good and bad news. Good news is that my friend and I were able to prime the pump,work all the air out of the lines and get things flowing again....the bad news is thw water level has dropped back down about 2 feet. So we still don't have water for a few more days.
    I guess it took a lot of water to get the pump primed and the lines filled.
    My wife is staying at her mothers for the next couple of days until everything levels out here so I'm Mr. Bacholor temporarily.

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    We're about 17" below what we are suppose to have. The lakes are extremly low. We had some rain about 3 weekss ago but not a great amount
  7. Wow, this is getting serious everwhere! A buddy of mine from my wilder days works for a company that drills wells and he said they are 4 weeks behind on jobs it's that bad. Not a bad job to be in at the moment. Only downside is you'd be making all that dough off of other folks' misfortune.
    We certainly don't want a hurricane, but we could really use the amounts of rain that one would bring.
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    The Delaware river is full here, we are lucky that environmental laws have cleaned up the water quality greatly and fish the river has not seen in 100 years are back in great numbers.
  9. The Uwharrie River runs about 8 miles from my home (the Uwharrie is a tributary of the Pee Dee River and a part of the Cape Fear River Basin)
    and has always been very deep. This summer there was grass growing in the river bed. I'm as serious as a heart attack. Never seen anything like that in my life. My great uncle who turned 86 last week said he has never seen that happen before. It's enough to make a fellow a little nervous.

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    All the upstate lakes are getting lower then ever. Look at Lake Lanier in GA they got only about 90 days left then Atlanta is out of water. I've been watching the woods around me as Tues about 15 or so miles away they had a lady burning garbage start a brush fire [a very big fire too] and then Wed nmorning about 2-3AM they were back out to it as a rekindle. they went to 3 alarms and was calling tankers from everywhere.
  11. The well situation continues. I still have no water . The water level has been creeping up....slowly. My wife's been gone for 2 days now. So maybe it's a mixed blessing :D . I'm just kidding. I'm going to see if it will work tomorrow if not then Im going to have to do something different.
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    Dude, you and your neighbors are in my prayers. We take water soo forgranted here in the Great lakes region! I can't image not just turning on the tap and finding it here.
  13. I appreciate it man. It's hard, but we're tough folks around here. We'll work aorund it if we have to. Never underestimate the power of human ingenuity. :D
  14. Well, I've got water back completely at my house now. The water pressure has finally leveled out and no more red, rusty color in the water. My wife is happy to be back home, and I'm happy to not take pan baths anymore.
    So concludes the Well Saga of the Patriot Household.

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    Ends for now but watch out as it aint over yet
  16. Ain't that the truth Brotha. It was supposed to rain all day here and we haven't seen a drop. Someone upstairs is just not happy with the citizens of North Carolina.
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    Driving home from Tucson..saw the lightning shows from other side of Tucson...but around Casa Grande...there they were! Numerous lightning strikes...but rain? It got the road (I10) a bit wet....and left some drops on the windshield...but no real rain to consider...

    Thank goodness we have water flowing down the Colorado to supply us...I hear you guys back east though: No water=No bueno.

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