Went back to the range today to practice proper pistol grip

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    well, didn't go as well as I planned it would:

    The first 4 targets are from my first day out on the range just shooting away; fired 150 rounds through the gun that day without really knowing to much.

    The next 2 targets are from today:


    I read up on some articles about stance and how to properly hold the pistol. The first shot of the day went straight into the bulls eye.. every over shot went towards 8 o' clock.

    I talked to range master and he made me show him how the gun is held in my hands. I didnt make to much wrong but he gave me some pointers and also talked to me about the involuntary movement of your grip fingers.. So that might be one reason.

    Another thing I noticed is that my hands appear to be too big as well. When I grab the gun my trigger finger is nearly at the end of the barrel since pushing the trigger with my fingertip the whole hand has to slightly move outward a little in order for me to practice proper shooting techniques. Seems to me like part of my issues come from that.


    To add on to todays list: I played with the newly aquired 10round magazine and it jammed EVERY time when it was fully loaded when trying to grab the 2nd round from the magazine.

    Other than that im still happy.

    Here is my setup btw:

    Seems like I need to find a friend with lots of property; shooting at Clark Bros gets expensive: Free range with ammunition and targets purchased there. WWB 50 rounds are 18$ =(

  2. Who has a link to the target that tells you what you are doing wrong by where you hit? I think the army puts it out or something like that.

    BSK, your last 2 targets have decent groupings, just have to figure out what is causing you to hit where you are.

    It very well could be that the sights need to be adjusted.

    As far as the 10 rd mags, once you get them broke in they almost always shoot fine. Load it up full and let it set until the next time you go to the range and see if that helps.

    Let us know how things go. :)
  3. Good build, Mr. W.

    Not knowing distance and experience, those last two aren't too bad. I'd propose also, getting some bench time to see where the gun is really shooting without grip impact. Then here's some great video's / articles too for grip. These made a HUGE difference for me. Read / Watch them at least TWICE - and have your gun in your hand while you do it. From your pics, it doesn't appear your hand is too big for the gun. You'll see some of that in the training below.

  4. BSK

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    I know that you are talking about; the "clock" that shows if your hits are in a certain area that it can be due to "x condition" according to the one at the range it was grip tightening in my case.
  5. Great, that gives you a place to start.

    Newskate and 45Man have also given you some more info to digest, so hopefully with that and some practice you will be hitting the way you want to ;)
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    does anyone prefer one handed shooting over 2 handed
  7. Thanks Core, its so much cheaper to print them off than to buy them.

    perry I prefer one handed shooting, but cant control limpwristing one handed anymore, so I have to shoot 2 handed
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    From what it looks like, you're torquing down too much on the trigger when firing after the pin has been activated. I had a similiar problem when firing my old Taurus revolver. The way I trained myself out of it was forcing myself to only draw the trigger back 3/4 of the distance I thought I needed to. This along with a two handed grip gave me a better idea of the "sweet spot" of the trigger and kept me from gripping down on the gun after the round had fired, forcing the barrel over.

    Just a suggestion.
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    Anytime, glad I could help.

    I also shoot mostly two handed. Occasionally I'll give a go at one hand and my accuracy really drops off. I can still hit the target good enough to be "lethal", but nowhere near as consistently.
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    Prefer to use two hands, although I do practice strong and off hand.

    I do that as a just in case I ever have to do so in a BG encounter. I never did this, until my brother, who is a cop, told me that I should. He went over several scenarios with me as to why I might need to have this practice including the scenarios he was taught at the academy. I figured that if those scenarios are practiced by LEO's, then I should probably practice them as well.
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    i was just wondering becouse my C9 is more accurat one handed then 2 handed and i dont know y that is i thought that if i used both hands it would be more sturdy and accurate but thats not the case
  12. perry is that the case for every pistol you shoot or only the C9?
  13. Ari

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    Got to practice both!
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    I went to the NRA Headquarters range this evening with my deputy friend and fired some more rounds through the gun. I also got my buddy to trade guns with me so he was shooting the HP at rapid fire for fun. (he didnt say he liked it, neither did he say that he didnt like it!)



    In the end:

    Shooting the glock 23:

    I still had the issue with the 10round magazine that every time the 9th round was fed that it jammed. Over than that I am pretty happy and its cheaper than my local range. Ended up shooting 270+ rounds this evening.
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    only the C9 thats why i was wonderingbut then again the only other pistol i have shot is my dads glock and his walther p99 and my step dads 44mag and 22 mark 2 wich is a bad *** acurate gun that you can hit a can at about 70 yrds with i love that gun the only thing is its to big to carry on you lol
  16. If you do not have this trouble with other pistols it sounds to me like you need to do a little adjustment on the rear sight and see if you can start consistently hitting the bullseye.

    If you are only having this trouble with the C9 that would be my guess, because you are hitting a good group, its just not quite where it needs to be.
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    Went to the NRA again today to have some fun with the newly purchased MagTech ammunition and some snap cap practice. Looks like I am slowly but surely getting better.

    I also read this whole collection of tips on glocktalk which seemed to have helped out a lot:

    Also took the gun apart this evening to give her a good cleaning and the disassembly is really a joke. Its like replacing the blades in a carpet cutter : SO EASY