Went in for a Mag, walked out with a new gun...

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    Went in yesterday to the LGS, wanted an extra mag for my pf-9, and they didn't have one on the shelf. So I went up to the counter to have the lady working check their back stock area, and while she was checking I just happened to look down in their sub compact case. In with all the micro 9's and small 380's I spotted a TCP with a price sticker of 112.14. I saw that the tag said it was a blued model, but looking at it, i could have sworn it was the Stainless model. I asked to see it just to see if I was right, and the second it hit my hand it felt great. Quite a bit of wear and you can tell it had been shot and not cleaned. I flipped it over and yep it was the stainless. I asked about it, a guy had just traded it in the night before, they went and test fired a mag though it and put it in the case till they had a chance to clean it up for sale. So needless to say I walked out with it, 140 for it and a box of premium HP ammo for it. At cheaper than I could buy another Hipoint for, I just could not pass it up.
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    Nice score!

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    Hell of a deal! Grats!!
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    It's a good deal and a good gun. I like mine and it rides nice. I think you'll like it.

    Peace of favor your sword (mobile)
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    Already picked up a Blackhawk pocket holster. Got to figure out what type of ammo I like from it next.
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    I just paid $199 for a new non stainless one. You will like it.
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    Nice Catch, G&W!
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    I have the BSS version also. It likes to ride in my front pocket in a
    #3 blackhawk. It shows a lot of wear too. I don't think the BSS finish is as durable as it could be. The back of my slide is a grayish color with some silver showing through on some if the edges. It just gives it a bit of character.

    I have not found a hollow point that will reliably expand from it. I either carry a cast truncated cone or the WWB. The flat nose acts like a plow and I feel it would be more effective than a round nose or hollow point. YMMV

    I think you will enjoy it. Easier shooting than the LCP, plus it has LRHO. Obviously will not shoot as easy as the CF380 or Bersa Thunder though.
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    Congrats Geek, welcome back by the way......
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    For some reason a lot of the new mags I buy come wrapped in a gun. :shrug:
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    Thats good to hear, The box of ammo i got was 90 gr FTX by Hornady. I know a lot of people say no hp from a 380, but really haven't done my research. Spent the night cleaning up the gun, grinding off a few metal nicks and a few rough spots on the grip.
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    That's a heck of a deal! I've always preferred the tcp to the lcp and 3at. Taurus hit a home run with that one
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    Great deal! It's worth it to keep your eyes peeled and check for pricing every time.
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    In the Golden Loki tests, which featured a P3AT instead of a TCP 738, there were three which hit the mark.

    The 90gr. Speer Gold Dot (GDHP) penetrated 12.6" average and expanded reliably to .452" average. These are my preferred CC in pocket-rocket .380ACP handguns because of availability.

    The 90gr. Cor Bon JHP penetrated 13.3" average and expanded reliably to .463" average.

    The 90gr. Hornady Critical Defense FXT penetrated to 11.2" average (nearly making the highly respected 12" FBI minimum) and expanded reliably to .443".



    Reference Link: http://www.thektog.org/Stacking-up-the-Kel-Tecs-with-personal-protection-loads-The-KTOG.html

    Downloadable Spreadsheet: http://www.thektog.org/forum/attachments/f116/14564d1394634096-golden-lokis-ballistic-gel-tests-golden-loki-.380acp-gel-tests.xls

    Peace favor your sword,
  16. This is my everyday backup, Shoots fine as you see small easy to pocket. But it has a big recoil so just make sure you have a handle on it. Have fun and enjoy.
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    Still looking for mags?
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    Great price on a sweet pocket pistol!! What series is it?

    I'm usually a bit leery with used guns due to warranty issues. IIRC, Taurus will extend their warranty to subsequent owners but can't recall if there is a fee or special conditions. For <$120 tho, I might be less inclined to worry about it:D. Based on the wear and tear, it has probably already been thru the break in period.

    RE: best choices for PD rounds, I found the info in this link helpful.


    I have my TCP mags loaded with Federal Premium 90gr Hydra-Shoks (which by the way, made it to the winner's circle in the above linked review):).

    RE: mag cases, I picked up a couple of Outdoor Edge branded, small universal belt pouches at Gander Mountain. The TCP mags fit perfectly!

    A Pachmayr grip sleeve and some Pearce magazine grip extensions would be a couple of things to consider for your TCP.

    Congrats on your find! I think you will be happy.
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    Can't argue with that price! I would have jumped on it, too!

    ...Is it just me, or is the muzzle pointed in the general direction of your 'nads in that picture? O.O
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    I use the hornaday critical defense rounds in both the wife's tcp and my lcp. they feed and function well in both of those guns. I haven't done the ballistics tests with them that some have but since they have done them i probably only need to worry about function.