Went pig hunting today

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  1. My son in law called yesterday to ask if I was still interested in shooting a pig. So, I say "Heck, yeah. When we going?." To make a long story short , I took off 2 hours early from work and meet him at the Decatur court house, and off we go to a friend of his' farm. Turns out Randy shot a 200 lb. pig and I wounded a razorback hog. Butcher told me that hogs larger than about 80 lbs ain't worth killin, much less butchering. Sure wish I could have recovered that hog though. Thing must have had armor plate for ribs.
  2. What kind of weapons were you and your son in law using? Just being nosey ;)

  3. Got pics?! I need a good hunt right about now.
  4. Sorry , no pics. This morning the farmer went down to the creek and recovered the boar that I shot. Said he found him covered in leaves and dead. Looked like a clean chest hit but a little low. He is going to mount the head on his wall, said tthey are no good for food when they get that big. Farmer said the thing would go about 350 pounds.
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    What you shoot him with? What caliber and bullet type. We need some Pic's as I'M sure most members have never seen a Razorback before.
  6. Im interested in what they used to shoot them with, pigs can be some tough critters.
  7. Ok, so here's the full story on the pig hunt.

    We went down to the farmers water tank and sat down on the inside of the dam. Over behind the dam is where the hay bale is , about 45 yards and a little below us . Perfect! We started to load our rifles and Randy discovers he's got a 270 rifle and 30-06 aminition. So it's back up to the truck and he pulls out this SKS and grins at me, saying " I always got a back up somewhere. Now if I got some ammo for it ."

    Sure enough He comes up with some military issue stuff and begins to cram them into the magazine. Now we hook em back down to the pond and try to get comfortable and I'm laying there thinking about the merits of checking my gear when I discover that I have 168 matchking hollow point/ boat tail target ammo in my Remmington 7mm Rem Mag. I keep my mouth shut just in case I get the chance to rib Randy about full metal jacket ammo and a SKS rifle.

    Just as I'm about to rib him about his gun, Randy starts making funny faces and makin hand motions like a four footed animal walking and pointing up over the dam. So I get up and walk up there to see what he's going on about. Sure enough there's about four large pigs and maybe a half dozen sqealers runniong around the bale. One is the razorback that the farmer said he'd like to have for his wall, another is a white with black spots sow, two slightly smaller pigs and the rest about 20 pound "sqeelers". Man they are really moving around a lot! The razorback is ruling the rest and all the little ones are running around just to stay out of the way.

    I look at Randy and tell him to take the white and I'll take that black razorback , then we get anything else we can.

    Just as I try to get the cross hairs on the pig he stepped behind the hay bale! I'm waiting and I'm waiting . Still waiting, as my breath is running out. After what seemed like an eternity , my pig eases out from behind the hay , but he's quartering away from me! I decide it's now or never and aim in on his rib cage. touch the trigger and all hell is suddenly breaking loose! He jumped up, hit the ground without his front legs under him and plowed up about 10 feet of sandy loam, got those legs back under him and was moving like a freight train for the creek a 150 yards away.

    Randy's pig ran from left to right, and I'm now aware of Randy popping round after round with the SKS. The white pig looks like a target in a shooting gallery. Every time Randy cranks one off she turns and heads the other way.

    By now I'm aware of the smaller pigs, and one is heading straight up the dam and straight for Randy. I shot at the little squeeler and missed. It came right on up that dam and when it hit the top it seemed to become airborn, hit the ground running and ran around the pond, heading out the other side. By this time I had another round in the chamber and tried again. Missed AGAIN! Man them things are fast in the half light of dusk!

    After it's all over, Randy had shot 8 times and was loading more, I shot three times or maybe four. I don't know. I only remember three and maybe I cranked one out of the chamber and it's still on the ground, but the shooting was so fast and furious.

    I walked down to the creek and tried to pick up on my pig , but it's getting mighty dark down there near the woods, and I can't see much. Now I'm an old Marine and been to "Nam n back but I ain't going into the woods at night against a wounded razorback . Last time I saw him he was totally P O'd.

    Walking back to the pond, I wondered how Randy did. As I got closer I could see him dancing on top of the dam and going "WOOHOO!"

    We loaded the pig in the back of Randy's Pickup and headed off to the meat locker in Munster, just 15 or so miles away. Randy's having it put into smoked hams, chops and the rest in smoked sausages. All in all we had a blast. Randy did pretty good for a guy from Kansas that never hunted til he married my daughter. Shot eight times and hit her three, but he came home with the meat. Me? Zip.

    This morning the farmer went down and retrieved his hog from the creek. Said if they come back, he'll give us a call and thanks. I told Randy to be sure to tell him I said Thanks a lot.

    Hope they come back.
  8. Sounds like a wild time for all.

    Dont blame you for not going in the dark after them, I got tree'd in Germany at night by wild boars while out on a land navigation course

    They will put the fear of god into you LOL This fat boy did some running that night!