Went to local range today, very impressed......

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    Well I headed over to Hampden Pistol & Rifle Club at 6pm and shot 50 rounds of FMJ and 5 rounds of Magtech HP at the 50ft range. No jams, nice clean shots. This is the first 50 rounds through the .40S&W JCP and I am very impressed with the way it shoots. Not alot of recoil, but don't it have a nice bang to it :D.
    Here is two shots, one of the first targets and the last one I was shooting. The sight needs to be adjusted to the right, I noticed this after I was putting the gun away and I happened to glance at the slide and noticed the front site was off to the left. I think I'm going to go back tomorrow evening and have someone help me sight it in using a sandbag at the base. For a first time being there, there are some helpful people at that club.
    As far as a $129 gun, I'm very impressed. And so were alot of the guys there, they have never seen a Hi-Point in action and they all have good words to say about it.
  2. Thats great shooting man!!!! Glad you got her out to shoot

  3. Nice work perley! Get that sight adjusted and your groups will tighten up. Keep it up bro!
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    Thanks guys :D
    When I first bought it I broke it down and polished the feed ramp and adjusted the lips on the mag. I think that seemed to help. Not one jam, and I didn't have to slam the slide in to load a round.
    Overall I'm impressed. Hi Point has got me hooked, and I'll give out any referral to anyone that wants it.
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    looks good for 50ft. looks like you kept all the shots on paper.. thats good enough for 50FT!!!

    spend some more time on that sucker, get her sighted in, and i think you'll see that grouping tighten up a lot.
  6. That's great at 50ft. Personally I never go that far out. I would have a hard time explaining why I shot someone 50ft away to the police unless they shot at me first. I don't think there's anywhere in my house someone could be 50ft away from me and I shoot where I'm going to have to shoot if it go bad.
  7. Im not a great pistol shot, I do my practicing at 25 feet. That is really good shooting for that distance.

  8. I shoot some of my pistols at 50 yards, ringing the gong at that distance is really fun. When Stryker1 and I went to the range, we did it with his .357 Taurus snub nose. Distance is relative really, as long as your mechanics are good you'll hit what you're aiming at.
  9. Thats easy for you young whippersnappers to say, unfortunately as you age your eyes usually get worse and that makes things harder, just like your arteries ;)
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    Thanks guys. As far as shooting at 25 feet, I go to an indoor range and the targets are set at 50 feet. I guess you can probally make a silhouette of a man and put it up closer, but all the guys there shoot 50 feet. I will post some pics of the range next time I go.
    I adjusted the rear sight and I think I got it pretty square. I used a flat edge and it seems that both rear sights have the same distance apart using the front sight. I will go back to the range friday night and see if its sighted in.
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    Went back tonight to practice some more. I fired 100 rds of WWB through the .40s&w and 20 through the wife's C9. Out of the 100, i only had 1 FTF (feed). My groups are tightening up alot more, but switching from that .40 to the C9 threw me off a bit. Still, these guns shoot very well for the price. I signed up for the action shooting competition, and that starts next sunday. Can't wait, since I will be competing against others with a Hi Point. Most other guys I talked to tonight use S&W, Sig, and Kimber, and an older fellow uses a S&W .38 Special.
    Just thought i would post an update, as this makes round count at 150 now.
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    Not to sound judgemental here ( an oxymoron if there was)....
    Seems that your target should have been closer to you.
    On that note, the targets you showed...the creeping to the left, sounds like you not used to the pistol. Be it grip, posture or what ever....

    I am new to the pistol biz as well, and only offer what I know, ok?
  13. good job perley - on the action shoot - check the format of the shoot. The ones I entered in had 30-40 shots to complete the round. If you hit each one the first time (I didn't), you're gonna need a hand full of magazines. My first shoot, I ran out of bullets in each round. It was for fun, so no worries.

    My last shoot, I was loaded to the gills and was hitting double taps - granted they weren't totally COM - but it still scored! You are gonna have a blast.
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    The pictures I showed were from last weeks range visit. I have not put up new pics from last night. Can't put the targets closer to me, they are on a fixed hanger 50ft down range. And the creeping to the left, my rear sight was way off. I fixed it and I'm shooting more consistant now, getting some nice groups.

    Newskate: Yes, I checked the format of the shoot. There are two different classes, not too sure on which one I want to go with. I'm going to go next weekend and check them out and see what ones I want to try. I talked to a few guys last night and they said they carry 5-6 mags, so it would be approx. 50-60 rounds per match. This can get expensive, as I'm averaging $0.21/rd on the cheap WWB at Wal-Mart. And I can't wait, I'm already excited to go.
  15. You can't set the target anywhere you want?
    Everywhere I shoot has electric tracks and you can run the target back and forth and change them yourself. I shoot at 10, 15 and 25 feet.
    Might want to look for another range....
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    Yea, unfortunatly they are on a fixed hanger. It's an old club, the club house was built in '47 and the indoor range was built in '62. And it's members only. Don't have to pay any range fee's for the day, I already paid my dues. They told me that if I wanted, I could build a portable stand and bring that in, that way it would be closer to me.
    As far as looking for another range, the nearest one is over 60 miles away. And that one is members only also.
    Welcome to Maine, it's a huge state, but not much to offer here besides woods.