Went to the range today! "update"

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    Went to the range today. This picture was at 24 ft(required for ccw)and rapid fire. Gun performed awesome. .45 acp Hi point. Bad day for little blue guys. :lol: [​IMG]
  2. awesome shots, i still need lots work on my grouping.

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    Thanks guys!This is my other target. The picture is a little blurry. This was a little farther.[​IMG][/img]
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    went 2 the shooting range on Sunday...have not shot a .45 since '76? (Semper Fi!)

    tried 2 use the ghost ring...couldn't see @#%$...switched it out upon return...

    forgot everything I learned...did some internet search...will take that info back to the range next Sunday...

    had some decent grouping...nothing to brag about...one FTF in 100 rounds, but I luved the pistol!!!
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    I used the ghost ring today. It worked pretty good for me, but you have to shoot with what makes you comfortable. The funny part about the range I went to today is that it's the same one I went to when I first bought my Hi-point. The owner said they were not accurate and wouldn't fire a full clip without jamming. Worked pretty good for me. I'm using it to get my ccw next week, so I wanted to practice at the distances he uses in the class/certification.[​IMG] Can you tell where I limp wristed? Upper right hand shoulder.[/img]
  7. Nice shooting, dude!
  8. No argument from me.That will have to qualify you!
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    what does the gun shop guy say about those targets now?
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    He left before I did, so I wasn't able to rub it in :lol: . When I take the class next week I'm sure something will be said.
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    took my 15 yr old son 2 the range 2day...his 1st...

    after some gun safety this am he shot like a pro!!! several bulls from 25' w/a 38 & a Walther PPK...

    next he shot my HP 45...did decent...no flinch, but complained about the weight...

    guess all that video game playing may have paid off...

    so now I've put thru about 500 rounds...only 1 FTF...getting decent groups even @ 50'...

    the g/f Walther FTF 5-6 times 2day...traded it in on a Ruger 22 4 practice...

    she shot the HP as well...same comment - heavy...but I still prefer
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    Got my CCW certification today! In the past 2 days I've been going to night classes to get my certification. Unfortunatly, I did have some problems with my Hi-point. yesterday I had 2 failure to fires and 1 more today. Now, in defence of the gun, I think it was an ammo problem. The firing pin hit the primer, but the round didn't go off. Reloaded the same round and retried, it fired. It was independence ammo. I had never used this brand of ammo before last night. I have never had this type of problem with this gun before. Before last night all I ever had was 2 failure to ejects. BTW, this brings round total on this gun to about 2,650.
  13. Some ammo just doesnt like to go bang in some guns man!!! It is called a "light" primer strike..

    I had the same issue with some magtech gold HP .357mag 2 in a 5 round cylinder didnt go off. I didnt worry just kept squezing and they went off next hit. But that will never be a carry ammo for me!!!
  14. Congrats!!!! :D :D :D
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    Thank you for the update
    And again for your time.

    I greatly appreciate that.