Went to the range today..

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    Went to my local range, bought a 50 box of independence 115gr and wanted to see how my C9 shot. Well, I had 2 fail to feeds out of 50. Not sure what the issue was, whether it was ammunition related, limp wristing, or what. I'm a pretty experienced shooter, so I'm pretty sure it was not limp wristing, but it may have been. Both of the FTF's were the second to last round in the magazine.

    I shot 2 flawless magazines, was on my way through the 3rd and got to the second to last round and the slide stuck open. Cleared it out, checked the round to make sure it was ok, inserted it back into the magazine and resumed fire.

    Another 2 magazines flawless, and the 3rd magazine on the second to last round, failed to feed properly. Then I shot my remaining 2 rounds. Payday is fast approaching and I'll try WWB through it to see if that resolves the issue. If that doesn't help then I'll try polishing the feed ramp.

    Any other issue that might of caused it?

    The funny thing about today, is that in a range of 10 lanes, I was the only male shooter. I love being in a room full of ladies with guns. :oops:
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    polish the feed ramp. its still coated with the paint/powdercoating. causes some rounds not to feed smooth.

    also, leave your mags loaded and stored away when not in use for the first few months. the mag springs are rather strong and can cause the last couple rounds to bind up sometimes.

  3. Great to hear you got to the range. Also is it a brand new C9?? If so it does need broke in.

    Go real easy on how muck material you take off of that feed ramp. Good luck with the pistol
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    Yep, well, not brand new anymore. She has 50 rounds through her :p.