We're doomed: Millennials Are Too Lazy to Eat Cereal

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by lklawson, Feb 26, 2016.

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    We're doomed.



    Peace favor your sword,

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    I have friends who work at General Mills here in MN. They are hurting big time because of all of this.

    People want food they can eat quickly.

    The Betty Crocker cake mixes, etc. don't sell well anymore cuz the younger generations don't bake, either.

    It's kinda hypocritical, they "claim" to me more concerned about the environment, yet they are perfectly willing to eat handful of individually wrapped snack bars which generate a lot more waste than the recycleable box that cereal comes in....
  3. I actually don't even eat breakfast. Haven't for many years now.
  4. you crotchety old bastards.

    Its not that I am to lazy, Its that I would rather take my breakfast in the car with me. I would rather get good sleep, AND get to work on time. with the same amount of calories and goodness from a granola bar.

    Don't talk to me about doing the dishes, you are the generation that STARTED DISH WASHER's, and PAPER PLATES!

    look in the mirror my old friends, look in the freaking mirror.
  5. And there's this. :p
    I used to eat breakfast, but then I got put onto a shift which started at 0600. That required me to be fifteen minutes early. That was a 10-15 minute drive away. Which meant I had to be out the door by, at the latest, 0530. Since my beard is dark, that means I can't shave the night before, then go into work and get away with it at morning formation; it has to be the morning of. So that was about 10 extra minutes. It usually meant I needed to be up, at the latest, but about 0445/0500.
    Now, if I'm very active, I can eat fast and go. During Basic Training, during exercises, and during days where I need to teach (which involved a lot of demonstration), I could/can do it. But on days where it's business as usual, eating too fast kills my gut and I'll be blowing up the stall in the bathroom less than six hours later. The bathrooms where I used to work were "open air" (covered only by a curtain), and had only a shower curtain for a door, so that meant stinking up the entire compound. So on a schedule where I need to be at work early, taking my time eating breakfast just isn't feasible.

    So I just stopped eating it. My first meal of the day, if I'm lucky, is lunch. Sometimes I don't even eat that. My schedule now is 0800-2000, so the morning got a tad easier, but my commute is now 40-45 minutes from home to work. So I usually wake up at 0610. That and I switch from mids to days every four weeks. That means when I'm on days, I gotta get the eff outta the house, because if I wake up the baby, I get yelled at by my real Commander. Mids, well, that means I'm eating dinner a couple hours after I wake up, and at that point, meh.
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    Yep you young bastards are screwed.
  7. lklawson

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    Hey! It's not easy getting this old. If you make it, you'll be crotchety too.


    Peace favor your sword,
  8. moona11

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    I feel so sorry for you. ;-) :p
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  10. As far as lazy, If i have the time to eat breakfast, Its one egg on toast.
    Maybe the cereal companies, are loosing money because its really not that nutritious to have a bunch of crap carbs and sugar when you need protein.
    instead of changing the cereal, they just try to shame me into eating it?
  11. I was looking at the nutrition facts the other day for some cereals and holy sh*t, some of them are practically sugar cubes. If you ain't doing a decent amount of activity during the day, it's just making you fat. Same with a lot of bread. I cut white bread from my diet last year and lost five pounds.
  12. Hansj3

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    And here I am eating life by the mixing bowl...
  13. I've warned my wife that when I get out, I'm getting fat and hairy. :p
    My metabolism hit the brakes hard when I was about 14/15, so one meal a day sometimes is too much for me. Much less a breakfast filled with sugar right at the start.
  14. and there is no stinking protein. If you eat it you are starving by lunch! The only time i eat cereal, is frosted mini wheats as a snack at bed time. and that 1 cup. other wise after milk etc im better off with a whole sandwhich on wheat.
  15. ajole

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    NE Utah
    To both of these lame butt excuses....

    If you have to get up 15 minutes earlier....GET YER BUTT IN BED 15 MINUTES EARLIER, AND GET UP ON TIME!:rofl:

    Seriously...there are SO many people now that gripe about how early something is...as they post that gripe on some social media BS at 1 AM...:rolleyes:

    Not enough time for breakfast? That's a personal choice, not a reality.:cool:

    Honestly..."make" a bowl of cereal, eat it while your checking your social media and updating your status like it means something..."Hey world, I'm AWAKE:eek:" then take 30 seconds to rinse the bowl out.

    It's faster than the Mickey D drive through line.

    If it's a good granola, its also healthier than those stupid "granola bars" that have as much or more crap in them than many candy bars.:eek:

    Personally, I've been on a Lucky Charms kick...they were on a ridiculous sale, I haven't eaten them in years, but I bought 5 boxes. Man, them sugar bomb marshmallow things are yummy!:chicken:
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    Last couple of weeks, I've been eating "Aussie" style yogurt which is, apparently, just Greek style with honey mixed in. <shrug> Whatever. I get up & SSS, then get the kids up, fix 'em "breakfast," and pack our lunches. While getting their breakfasts and packing lunches, I turn on the news and pop a top off of some Aussie yogurt.

    Peace favor your sword,
  17. Used to be a severe insomniac, once stayed up for six days straight through no choice of my own. My sleep schedule is strictly regulated and has zero wiggle room. No such thing as "go 15 mins later/earlier." I can make adjustments for mission needs, but anything else is a no go.
  18. Have you ever tried Skyr? It's an Icelandic yogurt that is spec-freakin'-tacular.
  19. lklawson

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    I haven't seen it yet, but I'll look next shopping trip.

    Peace favor your sword,