We've been saying the same thing for 50 years now...

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    Gun Control doesn't work but gun-grabbers claim it's working in other countries, so says the American Rifleman archives story.

    From the March, 1969 issue of American Rifleman

    “Japan’s (gun) laws seem to pay off.”

    “Gun control laws seem to work fairly well in other countries.”

    Those are quotations from a weekly newspaper published by a private firm for public school children in Ohio and elsewhere. They are part of a “lesson” embodying anti-gun statistics and attitudes. The “other countries” mentioned are, of course, Japan and England—never all of Great Britain, which includes Scotland with its higher homicide rate. Both are compact island empires with highly homogenous, orderly populations, quite unlike the U.S.—or Mexico—or Russia.

    The educational publication says nothing about neighboring Mexico, which has the strictest gun laws in North America and a homicide rate 2 ½ times that of the U.S.

    Needless to say, the publication says nothing about Soviet Russia, where rigid gun controls recently failed to prevent an assassination inside the Kremlin and a triple murder by a gunman who made his own ammunition.

    The Soviet gun laws are almost perfect from an anti-gun viewpoint. Mere possession of an illegal firearm can send the violator to prison for life, without appeal to kindly democratic courts. Moreover, Soviet gun controls are backed by the whole oppressive might of the world’s largest police state.

    Mexico can also be tough. Its federal gun controls are administered by the Army, not by police. Private firearms are subject to registration. When the head of the Mexican hunting federation sought to register his 7 guns, the Army told him 4 was the limit, according to press reports. When he objected, he was told he could not own any guns.

    Nevertheless, Mexico with a population of about 45 million had 6,124 homicides in 1965, the last year of official record, compared with 10,712 homicides among a U.S. population of 194,592,000. The rate of homicides in Mexico, with its strong gun laws, was 13.6 per 100,000 population compared with 5.5 in the U.S. Neither, it should be added, is exemplary.

    As The American Rifleman is among other things an educational publication, we are forwarding these bits of information to our fellow educational publication, put out by American Education Publications, Inc., Columbus, Ohio, in the hope of advancing the cause of education.

    We feel that school children are entitled to know how marvelously gun laws work when they are enforced by a police state or an army.

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    Obviously, logic doesn't work. I'm glad we started trying something other than logic. Emotional appeals about staying safe, family tradition, and national pride seem to be actually working.

    ...which is kinda sad, really.

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    When you're opposed by a group whose mantra is exemplified by statements like Harry Reid's admitted lies on Romney's tax returns as "The ends justify the means.".... Logic is pretty much useless...
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    Humans, by and large, are not logical. Effective propaganda appeals to them on an emotional, rather than factual, level.

    It took us 4 blink'n decades to figure out what the gun-grabbers apparently knew from the start. :(

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    Maybe it's time to use emotional arguments alongside the logical ones. Publish more tearful accounts of people who helplessly watched loved ones die at the hands of violent criminals because the laws prevented them from being armed--even as the authorities failed to protect them.
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    That's kinda what we've been doing for the last 15 or 20 years; roughly the same amount of time we've been making decent headway in the legal and social arena.

    We've been using both logical appeals (studies, facts, etc.) and emotional appeals by linking firearms protection from violent crime, linking to family and traditional values (including sporting and entertainment), and linking to national pride. This seems to be a winning combination.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Maybe we need to step to the level of the black lives matter crowds........
    I jest, but I'm getting tired of these kinds of "activists" ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1440529246.441635.jpg

    Kirk, I think I saw a like of yours on Facebook, about the guy epically trolling people with the di-hydrogen monoxide website...... It was fantastic!
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    Ah, yes, the Di-Hydrogen Monoxide Acid with the High PH level that Dan posted. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Very entertaining....
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    This one:


    Peace favor your sword,
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    I spent about 30 minutes going through the DMA FB page..... Really funny stuff...
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    Trying to find out that it was really H2O? :rofl:

    Someone sent me that in an email, it was very well written!
    Good thing I aced HS Chemistry, I could have almost overlooked that it is water!
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    Pretty funny stuff
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    Unfortunately, that seems to be the case in most populations. Of course, most people in the US are not educated to use logic and critical thinking, and far too many operate on a gut-reaction instinctual level in the first place.

    Whether it's politics, economic theory, food preference, human rights, or religion, people tend to get hostile when their precious beliefs are challenged by logic backed by indisputable evidence.

    Just sayin'
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    Troll some anti-gun protest with a sign that reads "Guns cause crime! Save a criminal, throw the GUN in jail!"

    On the off chance it's being televised, and they come up to you, get that blank, stoner look and say, in the most vapid airheaded voice "Yeah man, like, guns cause crime, man. Like, if we start throwing guns in jail, man, then, like, we won't have any, like, crime, or nothin' no more, man." and "Like, guns caused those innocent criminals to pick them up and, like, commit crimes, or something, man. Like, get rid of, like, all the guns, man."
  16. It will be televised and you'll make up 1/4 to 1/3 of the people there.