What a day!

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  1. It's about 70 degrees outside, the sun is out, not a cloud in the sky. No wind to mess with your bullets as they fly downrange towards the target... Yep, I'm going to the range..... Gonna have fun on my day off. Hell, I slept for 11 hours, and have nothing better to do... Why not?
  2. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Member

    Wow 11hrs!!!
    I guess if anyone could use the beauty sleep, it would be you! :p

    enjoy the weather! we had low 70's last week now its back to high 90's though.

  3. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    I hearya: It was upper 80s here yesterday...

    Have fun primal!
  4. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    Mid 60s here, no cash to shoot, but I also got 11 hours of sleep today :)
  5. I deleted your double post Z71, hope you don't mind.

    Well, I am happy to say that I got the mag release on my 995 working properly again. I cut 2 loops off the end of the spring and it's 100% flawless again. WOOT!!!! However, as I was shooting, my compensator fell off the end of the barrel. I just can't believe that at all. I am in the process of cleaning the hell out of it, and when I re-install it that thing is going to be locktighted down tighter than Dick's hatband. I'd like a barrel shroud as they look evil wicked, but I don't have the cash for one right now. Anywho, it was a great day at the range... I just felt weird not having Taurus357 next to me as I was shootin'... Sure do miss my range buddy.
  6. Ridge

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    First time I shot my 995, the compensator rattled off and caught a bullet...

  7. I hear he has people tripping over their feets trying to be the one to take him out to the range these days............. Pulling yer chain Primal :wink:
  8. MSCHU24

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    That's what you get for rubbing it in to the guys that had to work today. :lol:

    Then when I did get done with work I only had time to shoot my bow a few times in the back yard because it was getting dark and cold. Today the high was somewhere in the 50's with a very cold wind.
  9. Well, I'm glad u had a good day PS. I had one too, despite my disappointment earlier today. Look in the "Other Brands" forum.

    I only got an hour off to go to the range tho. :p :D