What a day!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by tallbump, Feb 16, 2015.

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    Well, many of you know that a good friend of mine passed away the other day. It's been a crazy week. He was our church's unofficial Youth Pastor, sound guy, cook and everyone's best friend. he was also our Pastor's best friend and essentially an uncle to his children. He was even a Hi Point owner LOL. Spent all day with my church family in the hospital Wednesday while they had him on life support until he was officially pronounced dead. (He was an organ donor and they needed to keep his body "alive" while they ran tests.) Thursday my wife's car acted up and we got stranded at our daughter's school. Our Pastor's wife had to come get us. We had a special meeting Thursday night to discuss plans. Spent all day Friday running around with the Pastor while we got the necessary supplies for the funeral and dinner for afterwards. Saturday was spent cleaning and rearranging the church, getting extra chairs, etc... Special service yesterday morning, then all day at the funeral home for calling hours. It's been below zero every day. I think it was like negative 20 this morning. And if all this wasn't enough the power was out at the church all day, so we were working with no heat or lights. But we all pulled together and had an amazing funeral service. (we did get a generator to tun the heater and a second one to get some power to the kitchen). We had an excellent service anyways and both honored our friend and glorified God.
    The biggest thing I took from all of this is that so much we spend so much time worrying about, fretting over, etc...really doesn't matter.
    In a time like this, we could question why God let all this happen, or we can thank Him for giving us the strength to get through it. We really saw Him work today to bring us even closer together and closer to Him.
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    Amen Brother!
    GOD's ways are so much better than our ways!
    No matter what, everything will come out ALL right in the end. If it is NOT all right, it must not be the end!!!