What a great dad/daughter day on the range ...video included

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  1. I had a great day today! I took my daughter (it's her birthday) to the range with me today. I ttok the HP .380, the C-9 the PA-63, and the Glenfield marlin 6079.

    First off, I have to say that I was disappointed with my first range experience with the c9 last week. It jammed every 4th round in the magazine. Thanks to the expert advice I received from several members on this forum, I cleaned the feed ramp, gave it just a teeny bit of oil, and changed out the mag for a mag that had some mileage on it (one of the .380mags) and today it ate everything I fed it., which was 115WWB FMJ and 147gr WWB JHP (I love that round). It didn't jam once. It is now my favorite pistol of all the ones I've got. Very little reoil, and a good center mass grouping. I feel totally confident using the c9 for SD now. It just needed a little TLC.

    Oh, please excuse the crappy cell phone video.

    Video included:


    I also took the PA-63, chambered for the 9x18 makarov. I also had a lot of problems with it last week. It would eat the JHP but not the FMJ. Thanks to some more expert advice, most notably PS, I took it apart to shoot some pictures, and actually dsicovered it was nasty inside. A little cleaning and some light oil, and today it ate evrything I fed it, which was 94gr Silver Bear JHP and 100gr Wolf FMJ. It has a heck of a kick though. After three magazines through it, the thick fleshy pad between my index finger and thumb was crying unlce, but since its my favorite ccw due to its size, my thick fleshy pad will just have to get over it. It also provided excellent COM groupings.

    (No video of that yet)

    Then the refined lady of my gun collection, the Glenfield marlin 22. Man, she was a pleasure to shoot. I got 50 rounds for 11.00 at Wally World, so i can just shoot till I fall over. And with the tubular magazine holding 15 rounds of Remington High Velocity GOoden Bullet Hollow Points, it does what it was amde to do. No james, no FTE's. Just clean fun shootin'.


    But let me tell you. I've saved the best for last! There are days as a parent where I just bust (nor burst) BUST with pride watching my daughter take up a family tradition. Today was her first time ever firing a firearm. She fired the 22 from a bench, through a scope, but she loved every minute of it. She wants to go back every time I go. You could read a newspaper from the glow. Listening to her give range commands, and even correct me...man! I love that kid! Here's video of her shooting:


    Oh, and I want to show you a picture of her first grouping. Yes, she was shooting from a table, but this was her first time ever to fire a weapon of any kind:


    I was talking to the Rangemaster after our shoot today, and after I join the NRa so I can get my NRA discount, I am going to join the shooting sports association and take the rangemaster training for that range. That's going to be very exciting.

    Anyway, it's been a good day. :D
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    That is owsome. and she seems to be one good shot.

    I think you are startin off well.

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    Thats excellent, getting kids into the sport!
  4. Hey Loopster, I told you that there was a reason that the C9 and Makarov weren't shooting properly. I am glad that it was such an easy fix for you. That's some crappy quality but awesome video of your lil girl shootin'!!! I don't even have kids yet, but when I do I wish there was a fast forward button on the "Click" remote so I can get past all the baby/toddler ages and get right down to shootin.... Good show old boy!
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    Thanks for the report and the vid Loops.It made me smile cuz Ican feel your happiness and pride 1500 miles away.Way ta go homie! :D
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    Cool! How old is she?
    Mine is 5, and that's the age limit at my range.
  7. Glad you had fun at the range with your daughter. I really enjoy range time bonding with my daughters.
  8. Ari

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    Nice cant beat time with the kids at the range.

    P.S. Lean into that C9 a little :D
  9. Y'know, I hadn't noticed the problem with my stance until I saw it on the video. Thanks. :)
  10. :lol: Ya know.....I was just thinking that last night while at gander mountian i saw the little cricket 22lr and the little jr fishing poles along with the little 90cc quads (i had been looking for a reason to get one of those)
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    She's quite a little shot!! Glad she and you enjoyed yourselves.
  12. I can't wait till my son is old enough to take shooting.
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    My kids got kids some of which are old enough to have more kids. They haven`t done the "Great" granddad thing to me yet but they grow up too fast as it is. Don`t hurry it and don`t miss a thing.

    Loopster, Great job. Keep it up!
  14. Trust me Gramps, at 31 years of age, I am afraid that life is passing me by fast enough as it is without having to fast forward through anything else. No worries Gramps, I want to take my time with my kids... The 1 thing my dad didn't do for me.... Bio dad and step dad.... Just have to learn from their mistakes and not repeat them.
  15. GREAT times at the range. Made me smile a big smile too. That'll all end of course when she's shooting better than you!

    This is what everything we do here is all about, isn't it? Being able to be with our families and friends, safe, learning, laughing, having a great time and all that nonsense. Pretty cool.