What a M*******

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    Not sure why it edited my tilte?? It is supposed to say what a Ma$$hole :D

    Boston Top Cop: City Residents Do Not 'Need' to Own Shotguns, Rifles


    On July 23, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans told Boston Public Radio (WGBH) that residents of Boston do not need shotguns or rifles.

    He said these things in response to Massachusetts state senator Stan Rosenberg's (D) position that there are already "sufficient controls" on long guns at the federal level and, therefore, no need for new state laws giving police additional powers to deny ownership to citizens.

    According to WGBH, Evans responded:

    I don't agree with that. Having long guns--rifles and shotguns--especially here in the city of Boston. I think we should have, as the local authority, some say in the matter. [And] the federal [government] doesn't really allow us to have the discretion that we want in these particular cases.

    ...For the most part, nobody in the city needs a shotgun. Nobody needs a rifle.

    Evans went on to restate his position that he ultimately wants to have "discretion" over who is allowed to have a shotgun or rifle.
  2. I don't doubt for one minute the Police Commissioner wants control over who has a any gun. That's one guy that needs to retire from the department and Police work permanently.

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    Maybe the Boston Police are super quick on home intruder calls and the defenseless resident has no worries. And maybe none of the Boston residents do any hunting, therefore they don't need a shotgun or rifle.
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    Perhaps he should look at that stats that prove hammers and fists are more dangerous than long guns.

    Course, don't expect much different from a most likely Sox fan :eek:
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    Yes, the North Korean leadership also believes that its citizens don't "need" guns, or much else for that matter. All they need is a state-assigned job and a bicycle to get there, a picture of their Dear Leader hung on the wall, a party-controlled newspaper to read every day, and a bowl of rice. Now shut up and get back to factory 23 for your 2nd shift.
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    To that I say " oh hell no!!! "
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    NE Utah

    Gosh dang it! Now I have to mostly agree with a Democrat?:mad:

    No, you ignorant SOB, it's the Constitution that does not allow you to trample our rights.:rolleyes:

    You think you are above the constitution, and should have discretion that the Bill of Rights specifically said you do not and cannot have?

    Holy freaking crap. Someone slap some sense into that communist.:cool:
  8. Liberty

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    But Joe Biden said, "Buy a shotgun! Buy a shotgun!" More typical BS - at least this guy is honest enough to fly his true colors.
  9. undeRGRound

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    Actually, edited out of the interview, he said:

    "Dammit, I hate to (mostly) agree with Ajolé, but:"
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    How about we pass a law that makes anyone who restricts gun rights personally liable for anything that happens to a defenseless citizen?

    So this guy can be sued each and every time a person gets assaulted in Boston if he gets his way for failing to protect his citizens.

    Shoot it may take a few years for Bloomberg, but I am sure we re-distribute his wealth to needier citizens :)
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    IT is funny to me that the police chief in Detroit credits the lower crime rates to folks having CCW's yet the police chief in boston thinks citizens do not need fire arms. I will never understand the thought that citizens have no right to protect themselves against criminals that do not care what the laws are. Oh well what do you expect from a city full of red sock fans.
  12. Liberty

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    If we'd string 'em up like in the old days - you pass a law restricting gun rights, someone gets killed - you hang. Pretty soon no judge would touch ANYTHING.
  13. lklawson

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    "Four legs, good."

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Well if the COMMISSIONER wants to make laws then he needs to run for a legislative branch of office, otherwise he should shut up and do his job.