What about Aluminium Handles/Grip ?

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  1. I got a buddy that is gonna take my .45 and C9 and hopefully make some light weight handles to replace the plastic's ones on the guns now. He is fully set-up for CNC and this might be something we put up for sale after we get something made up that we like. I think with him being able to do it thru a computer we will be able to make them fairly cost efficient because of the ease of repeating the style.

    Should have some pics up within a few weeks.
  2. Here's a place that's been making aluminum grips for JMB handguns for a while, maybe it'll help you with ideas.


    Hope it's something you didn't already know about, and that it hleps.

    Whatever you come up with, please post it.

  3. Those look nice, but do they make them for the Hi Points ?