What AK stuff should I buy?

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  1. OK I need to pimp my AK so I need some advice on what to add.
    I want to add a red dot or a scope to it which is the better choice

    and I want to add a front grip and maybe other fun stuff but I can't decide if I should go with http://milsurpstuff.com/proddetail.asp?prod=MNTHG478SA
    and deal with pulling off all the wood and spending the $$ or just use

    Any help would be great!
  2. First suggestion would be to get as much ammo as you can, then pimp it out

  3. Based on current ammo prices I'd have to agree with waltham41. It seems the ammo is increasing in price so much faster than the accessories that investing in lead now would be a better choice.
  4. Oh trust me that is being done! Several of us are getting together and ordering in quantity.
  5. If I was going to pick from the things you listed I would pick this optic mount,
    The other one isn't known for keeping zero very good. You would also have to remove it every time you cleaned your gun thus having more zeroing problems with your optics.

    Of your other choices I would pick the UTG quad rail
    If you go with the UTG quadrail you could also just mount a reddot on it and save money by not buying the other mount at all.
  6. Buy the gun and ammo. Dont' worry about anything else. The accessories will be there in a year or two even if there is a ban or something.

    BUT there won't be ammo at today's prices unless something drastic happens.
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    Ditto to 8andsand. The dust-cover scope mounts are garbage, and won't hold zero. Does your AK already have the side mount for that scope mount? If not, you'll need one of those ($10 from Centerfire Systems), and some rivets...
  8. It's got it. I always wondered what that thing was!
  9. Ari

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    get mags and ammo
  10. Get ammo and mags!!! Screw the scope mounts 'n stuff.

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    He already said he's getting ammo too. Nothing wrong with adding a scope to his AK. Give the guy a break. He didn't ask about ammo.
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    Bobotech, is that a chinese soldier used to complain about scopes and accessories on a weapon the Russians invented?

    Command Arms Accessories 6 piece interchangeable grip. Most comfortable grip I've found. Solid built, only thing is its not US made so watch your parts count.


    I tried about 3 other grips prior to this for my Sar1. then ordered a second in OD Green the day I picked up my Sar3

  13. Ammo?

    That's the shoulder thing that flips up, right? Whatever: I bought 360 shoulders worth today. And will do so every lunar cycle for a while.
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    That is very funny! :D

    As far as the scope thing goes have you ever thought about a scout setup on an AK?
  15. Honestly, I was just looking for the perfect time to use that picture. :)
  16. I cant believe the price that ammo has went up to in the last year. I look at the prices compared to what I got most of mine at and cringe.

    The guys brought up another good point, hi cap mags are still reasonable and may not be available in the future, depending on that nasty word, politics.

    I have 3 30 rd and 1 40 rd and a 75 rd drum for mine. I got the 40 rd recently in new condition for like 20 bucks.
  17. LOL. I have the 2 75 round drums, about 40 30 round mags, 8 20 rounders, 1 40 rounder. I need to get a few more 40 rounders.
  18. Dear lord I think I just wet myself. What did that setup cost and what do I need to get to do it?

    And mags aren't going to be a problem, we're in the low double digits right now we're just waiting to see if anyone else needs them before we order from Aim

    I'm going to lust after that scout setup pic now
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    Geeze: I thought I had enough AR mags, till i read that!
    I am still a guppy!

    I got 3, soon to be 4 mags with my underfolder: But am looking for more AK mags.
    Ammo? Sparse, but next payday: at least 1000 rnds of wolfs finest.